How do you avoid this mistake

When you sell your book to a professional publisher, you are selling a commodity to a business, and you are a businessperson dealing with a corporation, and you will forget this truth at your own peril. No matter how friendly everyone is when your work is selling well, remember that you and your books are commodities, subject to market fluctuations, and that when your books' popularity is down, yours will be to.

Have fun, enjoy the companionship and camaraderie you may develop with the people who buy your books . . . but remember your bottom line. I guarantee you they will. If you do this, you won't get your feelings hurt, you won't make decisions based on a loyalty that does not run in two direction, and you will be more aware of what is being done with your work and how it affects you.

And here's a freebie, for what it's worth.

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