Is anybody happy to see you

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Do people make an effort to include you? Did anyone ask you your name? Did you like anyone there?

I'd link the theme song from Furthermore, are you happy to be there? Do Cheers here, but it would slow you look forward to going to meetings? your reading. Just think of the When you get home, do you want to write, or theme song, and you'll get the do you want to become an accountant? idea.

If it isn't fun, if it doesn't add something positive to your life, don't waste your time.

I hope this helps you find a writers' group that will help you get published.

Holly Lisle

• Schrodinger's Petshop Members' Handbook

Part One - Purposes and Goals

Schrodinger's Petshop, established in May of 1988, grew out of a core of aspiring science fiction and fantasy writers who wanted to write better and sell our work, and who weren't able to find a writers' group or program that met our needs and interests. We've met on a regular basis since, constantly growing and changing to meet the needs of our admittedly esoteric membership.

Our main goal it to help each other get published. We do this by presenting and participating in workshops on our varied areas of expertise, by reading and critiquing each other's work, and by encouraging each other to submit finished works. We also provide networking, contacts with professionals in the field, and a chance to meet other local talents with similar interests.

Some of our members have gone from unpublished writer to pro since joining, others have published in both commercial and small presses, and still others are just now beginning to submit work. Some are still learning how to finish work.

We are open to members of all levels of experience, and of all ages and interests. We have members who are experienced in novel-writing, in short-fiction writing, in non-fiction, and in poetry. However, we are strongly biased in favor of science fiction, fantasy, and horror (speculative fiction) subject matter. We are not a general-interest writers' group. If you want to write mainstream or non-fiction or works in other genres, but have no interest in speculative fiction, we are not the group for you.

While we have a great deal of fun at our meetings, we are not geared toward socializing. We are a working writers' group, and our main premise is that writers write. If you join, be prepared to read what you are working on, to take criticism, and also to give it. We'll help you achieve your goal of getting your stories into print -your goal is one we share.

Welcome to Schrodinger's Petshop.

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