Schrodingers Rules of Being Critiqued

1) Listen. The person who is speaking has taken the time to listen to your work, and wants to help you find ways to make it better.

2) Wait until everyone has finished critiquing before making comments.

3) Explain only if necessary. Don't rebut.

4) Take notes.

5) Realize that everything can be improved.

6) Be willing to make changes. Conversely, don't change anything you feel must remain in order to make the story yours.

Things you may not say when being critiqued.

"You're wrong."

"You're an idiot."

"Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries." General Information

Meetings are on alternate Wednesdays, beginning at 7:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted.

Traditionally, members bring food and drink to the host's house to share. No alcohol - some of our members are under-age.

Bring something you are working on to read.

Bring pen or pencil and paper (you'll need a notebook with tear-out pages so that you can give other members your critiques.)

For the time being, there are no dues, but stamps used for mailing the newsletter are needed. Note: for special members, (i.e., members who do not attend meetings but still want to get the newsletter,) stamps have become a necessity. We mail bi-weekly. Twenty-six first-class stamps will keep you up-to-date for a year.

Bring friends. We'll find someplace to seat everyone.

Meeting sites rotate among members who have volunteered to host. You'll find a starter kit of maps folded into the back of this handbook. Glue, staple, or otherwise affix them to your handbook, or some other convenient location - but don't lose them. Members move, and maps change - you'll get updates as they become necessary.

You'll find a current member list with the maps. This is for your convenience - but strictly confidential. You'll note familiar professional names among our members, as well as folks who don't want their phone numbers or street addresses generally available.

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