Three You can be replaced

If nothing else I tell you sticks, make sure this does. Your publisher doesn't need you. Your agent doesn't need you. And your editor doesn't need you. For every 'you' out there who has gotten far enough to have a book accepted and to think that now you have the world by the throat, there are ten thousand others waiting for a chance, with their manuscripts ready and their minds made up that this is what they want to do. If you have a shitty attitude and think you're God's gift to the field, well, one of them won't. And you'll find that your books stop selling and your agent stops returning your calls, and you can take full responsibility for your crash onto your own shoulders. Why should anyone have to put up with a jerk when there are people out there who write just as well as you do and who are

Holly Lisle pleasant to work with? You don't have to grovel, you don't have to eviscerate your work to sell it, you don't have to kiss ass - but you do have to remember that you are not the answer to everyone's prayers and the salvation of the book industry. Not yet, anyway. When you sell like Stephen King, come back and we'll talk.

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