Wrap yourself in Saran Wrap

I couldn't resist the image. Sorry. But in is, in a goofy way, applicable. Do something with your writing that you wouldn't normally do, or wouldn't do in public. If you would never consider writing poetry, then write ten poems. If the very idea of erotica makes your ears turn pink and your palms sweat, write the raciest scene your mind can conjure up. If you only write literary fiction, break out and write the climactic scene from a murder mystery or a romance novel. If murder is already your thing, write a pastoral medieval literary scene.

What you're doing here is, a) having fun by doing something you don't have to expect yourself to be good at, and b) stomping hell out of your internal censor, who will be so shocked by your rebellion that it will shut up for a while and let you write what you want to write. If it starts to nag again while you're making progress, telling you you're no good and that you don't know what you're doing, you can always threaten it with more erotica or sonnets to your refrigerator.

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