Write every day even before you quit

If you aren't able to make yourself write regularly before you quit your day job, the odds are that you aren't going to be able to make yourself do it after you quit. Writing

Holly Lisle is a business for self-starters. It's hard. If you don't know beforehand that you can sit down and make yourself produce pages in spite of weariness, boredom, lack of inspiration, or over-abundance of distractions, don't kid yourself that writing full-time will magically cure this.

The weariness, boredom, lack of inspiration and plethora of distractions will still be there once you quit, and along with them will be the pressure of knowing that at least one person in the world is now counting on you to put words on paper - and make them good enough to sell - no matter what. Do not let yourself forget that once writing is your job, it is exactly that. A job. You have to sit down and do it when you don't want to, when you do want to, when you feel crappy, when you feel great, when the sun is shining outside and you can hear a mockingbird in the tree and you know that the fish are biting down at that shady spot in the river.

You will, as a successful writer, work harder for yourself than you ever did for anyone else. You'll work longer hours. You won't be able to do a half-assed job on the days when you really don't want to be there, because if you do, the only person you'll be hurting is yourself. Yes, you get to take days off whenever you want, but remember that they aren't paid vacation days anymore. The person who pays for your days off is you, so don't take too many.

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