Write what you love not what sells

Back to Hearts in Stitches, the one romance novel I tried. I had this vision of myself as a romance novelist, putting out one book every two months and sitting on a bank account that would shame Fort Knox. The problem with this lovely image is that I was writing romance not because it was what I loved with a passion, but because I didn't mind romances, and some of them I thought were kind of cute, and I thought they'd be an easy way to make a buck. Here's a little lesson I learned from that experiment - there is no harder money to make than "easy money." I had to beat myself with a baseball bat to finish that book, and when it was done, it wasn't very good. It was competent - I got personal rejections with comments from each place I sent it - but it lacked heart and soul.


When I moved into SF and fantasy and started writing what I loved simply because I loved it, I started selling. I sold the first book I wrote to the first place I sent it. Which isn't a guarantee that you will do the same. You won't have to hurt yourself to finish your books if you're doing what you love, though. What you will not do for love, you should not do for money.

And that's my take on getting from the beginning of your novel to the end. I hope these tips point you in the right direction and make the experience fun and exciting for you.

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