A writer can sometimes effectively compress time, not in a historic sense but in the sense of a day or hours. One examples comes from John McPhee's "A Textbook Place for Bears," collected in his book Table of Contents. He writes here of Pat McConnell, whose profession it is to trap bears for the State of New Jersey.

On the seat between us now was her loose-leaf Bear Book, a running diary of captures and sightings. On August 24, 1981, in Sussex, she had captured a four-hundred-pound bear and hung a radio on him. After he took off, the radio beeped for ten minutes and he was never heard from again. On September 16, 1981, and May 2, 1982, she had captured a four-hundred-pound bear and had given him the nickname Flasher. She had nicknamed other bears Pain, Buckwheat, and Mo. May 14, 1982, Passaic County, she caught a three-hundred-and-fifty-seven pounder, who was, in a manner of speaking, too close to Fifth Avenue, and she moved him over to Warren. May 27, 1982, bear reported on Shades of Death Road, in Allamuchy. December 12, 1981, twenty-three-pounder under Bearfoot Tower, in the Newark Watershed, Passaic County.

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