Other Research Resources

Library research used to eat up a writer's life. You had to get to the library through sleet or snow, figure out the library's systems, get cooperation from an overworked staff, in some cases, photocopy relevant materials because the books or articles could not leave the building, or lug home the books and other sources that might prove useful and then lug them all back again.

Then, to the rescue, on a white steed rode THE INTERNET, now readily accessible on the writer's own desk (or lap). Now, the contents of libraries all over the world can be accessed at the touch of a finger. Moira Anderson Allen's extremely useful book, writing.com is a must for anyone researching on the Internet. With this fabulous resource at your side, you'll find materials on the web—government documents, current research studies, databases—that are otherwise extremely difficult to track down, even through Interlibrary Loan programs.

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