Science And Technology

Since science and technology are frequently lumped together, despite their great differences, I've kept them lumped here as a category. Science and technology might have been included under "journalism" in another classification system, but I wanted to separate them out here. Until fairly recently, science and technology writers rarely allowed themselves to be creative. As a society, we need more fine writers of creative nonfiction to keep us (enjoyably) abreast of what's happening in those rapidly growing fields. The subjects of science and technology require excellent writing, especially if they are to be made understandable for the layperson. Writing clearly about these subjects for professional colleagues is difficult enough, but to write clearly for laypeople requires even greater skill. Add the requirement to also write in a style that is engaging, and you have a serious challenge in front of you.

If you are searching for a writing niche, and you enjoy science or technology, these fields are wide open to good writers. And the public desperately needs good writers to inform us clearly about all the sciences and technologies that surround us, affect us, change our lives, determine our futures—perhaps even determine the survival of our species.

An informed electorate lies at the very foundation of democracy—and yet we all feel less and less informed about the progress of science and technology. Some of us feel we're sufficiently informed by television news and documentaries, but those media give us a false sense of security about how well informed we are; we just think we're informed. We need writers to inform us in greater depth, but we also want to enjoy our informative reading—and that requires creative nonfiction writers like those that follow.

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