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It was a great evening wasn't it! I really enjoyed the meal, and it was nice to see Mary and Roger again. Have vou had a chance to speak to Lucy yet? Don't worry if you haven't, I will be seeing her tomorrow.

About next week - the film you suggested sounds great. I've been talking to some colleagues at work about it. I'm not sure about the day, though. Tuesday might be difficult. Perhaps Wednesday would be better? Let me know. I'm going to my parents at the weekend - Pm looking forward to it. They live in Chichester. Have you ever been there?

Sometime soon we need to talk about holiday plans for next summer. Things are still a bit uncertain at my work. It might be possible to take two weeks off in July, but I can't be sure. Three weeks would be impossible. JjLS a pity. Anyway, I've got to go now. I hope you're well. Ffl see you next week.

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