1 the attachment

2 you mean

3 Which conference/one

4 me know

5 you sure/certain

6 open it

7 be wrong

8 to you

1 Sorry, you forgot to send the attachment. Can you send it again?

2 Did you mean to send this? I don't want to open the attachment in case it's got a vims.

3 Are you sure about that? I thought the conference was in Istanbul.

4 I'll check and get back to you later today.

5 Which conference do you mean?

6 Sorry, I don't understand this point. Can you explain it in a little more detail?

7 I'm not sure what you mean by this. Could you clarify?

8 I thought the meeting was on Thursday, but I may be wrong.

9 Sorry, forget my last email. You're right. It should be Thursday, not Friday.

10 What I meant was Gatwick, not Heathrow. I hope this clarifies the situation.

1 attached

2 Let

3 forgot

4 again

5 by

6 checked

7 point/term/word

8 detail

9 latest

10 back

11 in

12 wrong

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