The Summer Programme Where I Worked Last Year. I Am Available For Interview In Naples Any Weekday Afternoon And You Can Email

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Dear Sir/Madam //

With reference to your advertisement on the website, I am interested in applying for the post of tour leader for Italian school students. // I am 26 years old and am currently studying for a diploma in Tourism at Naples University. After that I hope to follow a career in the travel industry. During the last few summer holidays I have worked as a youth leader in Italy, and I enjoyed the work very much. Next summer I would like to do something more varied and challenging, and for this reason I am interested in the job of tour leader, taking students to London. //

I feel that I would be well-suited for this job as I enjoy working with young people. I have a lot of energy and enthusiasm and am also responsible and reliable. // I have attached my CV as a Word document. You will notice that I have supervised children on a range of sports and cultural activities as well as dealing with transport arrangements and tickets. You will also notice that my English is good and I have First Certificate grade A. // I would be grateful if you would consider my application. You will see from my attached CV that two people can be contacted as references, one is a university professor and the other is from the summer programme where I worked last year. I am available for interview in Naples any weekday afternoon, and you can email me or telephone me on the number below. //

I look forward to hearing from you soon. // Yours faithfully


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