1 Could you possibly / I was wondering if you could

2 Is it all right if I / I wonder if I could

3 Do you need any help with / Would you like me to

4 Perhaps we should / Why don't we

1 afraid, small

2 seems, slight

3 think, may

4 honest, sure c 1

5 Actually, doesn't, much

6 Wouldn't

7 might, quite

8 won't, cheap

I wonder (was wondering) if we could meet again next week?

2 There seems to be a mistake on the invoice.

3 The quality is not very high.

4 Would you like me to speak to Mr Baker?

5 Your estimate for the cost might be a bit low.

6 Wouldn't it be a better idea to wait?

8 Perhaps we should think about cancelling the project.

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