Referent Your Message Left On My Ans Machine - Yes I M Free 4 Lunch On Wed Next Wk

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Subject: Your order reference number KD654 In relation to your order received today, we cannot supply the quantities you need at this moment. Please confirm as soon as possible if a part-delivery would be acceptable, with the rest to follow later. Regards, Stefan

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Subject: Thanks for your message

Regarding your message left on my answering machine -yes, I'm free for lunch on Wednesday next week. By the way, good news about your interview. Have to work now. See you, Jane.

Subject: Options for Technical Help We have a Technical Assistance section on our website, with an extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions. Customers find this very convenient as it is available 24 hours per/a day, 7 days a week. On the other hand, if you need to speak to somebody in person, you can call during working hours. Best wishes, Alan.

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