Present simple always/often/never; every day; from time to time; now; nowadays; once a year; these days Present continuous at the moment; currently; now; nowadays; these days Present perfect already; always/often/never; ever; just; not yet; over the last few months; recently; so far this year; up to now Past simple ago; always/often/never; every day; from time to time; in the nineties; last week; yesterday c

1 interview

2 'm planning

3 need

4 've always been able to

5 're operating ~

6 have fallen

7 means

8 hope

Ve just received need

've given out had haven't been met was waiting was

've been phoning 've been waiting Have you found 've decided

5 distributed

6 want

7 've already contacted

8 think

5 didn't recognise

6 was wearing

7 has dyed

8 was going out

5 've been dieting

6 've started

7 've been going

8 Have you ever done

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Job Breakthrough

Job Breakthrough

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