Email 1, first paragraph going visit going to visit /1 like to I would like to / to ahowing ye« to show you Email 1, second paragraph would being would be / Plcaac to let Please let / to ace you to seeing you Email 2, first paragraph we been interviewing we have been interviewing / ie inform that to inform you that / member of team member of the team Email 2, second paragraph invite you a ahort invite you to a short / have chance have a chance / con to eatimntc can estimate

(that) we you would like think 111 stop meet you at the hearing from you a copy of the invitation to visit reference to your

Email 3, first paragraph

I am write I am writing / woo tranofcr was transferred / we yet haven't we still haven't (we haven't received the goods yet) Email 3, second paragraph teld said (told me) / at the morning in the morning / for to lese to lose Email 4, first paragraph not oo good ao not as good as / remember you remind you /

particular particularly (in particular) Email 4, second paragraph

I could be grateful I would be grateful / at the later at the latest /1 aloo I'll also

17 Punctuation and spelling

Job Breakthrough

Job Breakthrough

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