Hiroshi - Here S The Summary Of The Market Report For East Asia That I Promised

I create a big increase in sales. , I Because of this, / a


Complete the words in each sentence with the missing letters.

1 Sales increased, thou£k /alth____market share remained the same.

2 Sales increased, where__/whi__market share remained the same._

3 Market share remained the same in sp___of/des____the increase in sales.

4 In s____of/De_____the increase in sales, market share remained the same.

5 In spite of the fa__th__sales increased, market share remained the same. __

6 Sales increased. How____,/Ne________ss,/E__n so, market share remaine'd the same.

7 Even th____market share remained the same, sales increased.

8 E___if it means reducing prices, we must try to increase market share._


• Compare although/though with whereas/while. The first two have a strong sense of surprise; the last two simply compare two facts and emphasise the difference between them.

• In spite of Idespite + noun phrase, BUT in spite of the fact that + subject + verb.

• However/Nevertheless are more formal, Even so is less formal.

• We can use even with though and if to make a stronger contrast.

Read the email. Then choose the best word to fill each gap from A, B, C or D below.

Hiroshi - here's the summary of the market report for East Asia that I promised you.

• As we all know, last year was a difficult one. <1> since January things <2> been getting better.

Sales have recovered (3) 4% in China, our biggest market. We are to see a similar '5> in

Japan and Korea over the next few quarters,(6) right now sales there are (7>

• In relation to the long term, we are optimistic. Our <8l is that economic growth in the whole region <9> ~

begin to <10l from the start of next year. This will <11) labour market and other structural reforms, which in our opinion will take place <12> there are some changes in the government. This growth will

<13> many new opportunities, <14> we will face increasing competition from US and other companies.

1) A So

B Even if

C Despite

D However

2) A have slow

B have slowly

C are slow

D are slowly

3) A for

B with

C by


4) A possibility

B perhaps

C possible

D likely

5) A recover

B improve

C improvement

D growing

6) A although

B nevertheless

C so

D as a result of

7) A plain

B equal

C flat

D level

8) A trend

B forecasting

C prevision

D forecast

9) A will

B will to

C is going

D it is possible

10) A steadily rise

B rise steadily

C rising steadily

D will rise steadily

11) A be due to

B result of

C be resulted from

D because of

12) A as a result

B whereas -

C even if

D despite

13) A create

B lead

C result to

D improve

14) A despite

B whereas

C so

D even though


Complete the sentences typical of emails of complaint with the pairs of words from the box.

appreciate/replaced attention/problem complain/quality connection/attitude delivered/urgently dissatisfaction/received entitled/replacement matter/inconvenience purchased/standard refund/further terms/treatment unless/cancel

1 I am writing in with the negative of a member of your staff.

2 I hope that you will deal with this promptly as it is causing me considerable

3 The equipment I ordered has still not been , despite my phone call to you last week to say that it is needed

4 Although you advertise yourself as a top-quality brand, the product I was well below the I expected.

5 I am writing to draw your to a in your customer services section.

6 I would it if the faulty goods could be as soon as possible.

7 I wish to complain in the strongest possible about the I received from a member of your staff.

8 I believe that I am to an immediate

9 I am writing to express my strong with the goods I this morning.

10 I receive the goods by the end of this week, I will have no choice but to

my order.

11 I am writing to about the of a product I purchased on-line from your website.

12 I insist on a full otherwise I will be forced to take the matter

Match the beginnings (1-8) with the endings

1 You only sent 7 DVDs, instead

2 You only sent 7 DVDs, in spite of

3 Even though I paid for 8 DVDs,

4 I paid for 8 DVDs

6 Firstly, the quantity of DVDs was incorrect

7 You have still not resolved the problem with the DVDs

8 You have still not resolved the problem with the DVDs,

a) there were only 7 in the box.

b) but there were only 7 in the box.

c) However, there were only 7 in the box.

d) so I am refusing to pay your invoice.

e) Therefore, I am refusing to pay your invoice.

f) of the 8 that I ordered.

g) the fact that I paid for 8.

h) In addition, two of the covers were damaged.

Complete each phrase with one word. Some letters have been given to help you.

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