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Complete the emails below by writing one word in each gap. Several answers may be possible.

I've just <1> your advertisement in Business Weekly for the seminar in Toulouse on

'The Internet As A Marketing Tool'. (2l send me details. Also, you send me a list of hotels in Toulouse? Thank you for your <4> and I look forward to

, Naomi Chandler.

Thank you for your email received today w our seminar in Toulouse. You will find full details in the <8l pdf document. Alternatively, you can visit our website at

www.euroconference.com where you can also make an on-line booking.

If you <9l more information, please don't <10l to contact me.

Match the beginnings of the sentences (1-10) with the endings (a-j).

1 Please get back to me if a) your help on this

Information 2 I'd like to know a b) you need any more information

3 I'd appreciate c) little more about

4 I'll d) there at the meeting

Action 5 I need you to be e) you to prepare a report

7 Let me know if g) I show them round


9 Can I ask you to look i) after them

10 Shall j) pleased to help

Put the complete phrases from section B into the three emails below. The emails all include replies beginning with the symbol '>'.


Helen -1 believe that you have had contact with EDF in the past. I'm going to their offices next Tuesday and

(1) them. In particular, can you tell me something about

Henri Roland, their sales director? Have you met him?

Thanks, Martin.

> EDF are quite a big operation - I've attached a Word doc with some background stuff. I've met Henri several times and I think he's someone we can work with. (3>



Bob - the management committee are meeting on 14 Feb and they're going to discuss last year's figures.

<4> for the meeting. Could you do it by the end of next week? I know it's short notice. And œ ; in case there's any questions I can't answer. Thanks, Lara.

> I'll start the report right away, and ® in a day or two. I've made a note of the meeting in my diary and I'll be there.


Alan -1 know you're very busy at the moment, but I need some help. I have a group of visitors from Hungary coming on Wednesday afternoon after lunch. Unfortunately, I can't be back in the office until about

3pm. w until I get back? I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks, Isabella.

the building and introduce them to Roger and Sue? (10>. I can do.

Find the informal/neutral phrases from the three emails in section C that mean the same as the more formal phrases below. Write your answers.


Could you give me some information about... 1 J!dJikgJaAMMAliMe.MQfâ..ab.ûML

If I can be of any further assistance, please do 2

not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you in advance for your help in this matter. 3


It is very important for me that you ... 4


I would be very grateful for your help. 7

Please contact me again if ... 9

Certainly. 10

Read these two emails. Which one is better? Why?

Version 1

Subject: Visit of Mr Bianchi from Ferrara Textiles to our company tomorrow Tomorrow we will have the pleasure to welcome Mr Bianchi from Ferrara Textiles as a visitor to our company. His company intends to place a large order with us, and we hope that this will become a long-term business relationship. It is therefore very important to make a good impression, and all the staff in your department should know about his visit and be as helpful as possible. They should greet him by name, answer any questions he asks, explain procedures etc. He will be looking around the company from about 12.00, after his meeting with me. I would like to make sure that there is someone present in every section _ over the lunch period, in case he has any questions. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. ^

Version 2

Subject; Visit tomorrow

Mr Bianchi of Ferrara Textiles will be looking around the company tomorrow, from about 12.00. It is important to make a good impression. Please:

1 Inform all staff in your department.

2 Remind them to greet Mr Bianchi by name and take time to answer his questions.

3 Arrange lunch breaks so that there is always someone available in your section. Thank you for your cooperation.

Compare your answer with the answer at the back of the book.

Note the following points about internal notes and messages:

• Separate points are used to refer to information or action.

• The points can be organised by numbers, or headings, or bullet points (like this).

• The style is clear and direct; sentences are short and have a simple structure.

• The language is neutral, not informal.

• If the memo refers to action, imperative verb forms are common (Inform ..., Prepare ...).

• Useful endings: Thank you for your cooperation. / Please contact me if there are any problems.

First read the information below. Then identify the four stages in email version 2, section A.

A typical structure for any piece of written communication, short message or longer report, is:


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