We Should Until June Consider Extending It.

am looking forward to our meeting in Munich next month.

Adv (where)

Sales rose by over 10%

in Hungary last year.

Adv (where)

Adv (when)

Adv (when)

('rise' does not take an object)

Now rewrite the sentences (1-4) below with the correct word order. Start sentences with a capital letter.

1 me you may remember, we business cards last week at the Trade Fair exchanged.

2 well is going our advertising campaign, we should until June consider extending it.

3 about availability of rooms in July to ask I am writing. I need for 3 nights a single room.

4 next weekend to my parents I am going, for a long time I haven't them seen.

Read the information on making complex sentences.

You can make complex sentences by combining simple ones:

I can't accept your invitation on this occasion

Sub hope to make another trip to Paris when I have more time later this year.

Adv (when)

There are two main clauses, joined by the linking word 'but'.

The phrase I can't... occasion is a full clause, with a subject, verb, object and adverb. The phrase I have ... year is a full clause, with a subject, verb, object and adverb.

Now rewrite sentences (1-5) with the correct word order.

1 I am writing to let you know from Head Office in Munich I am coming to visit next month that your offices in Moscow.

2 This will be in Central Europe part of a visit to all our subsidiaries that I am making.

3 to consult with you I will take the opportunity about our strategic plan for Central Europe, which for some time we have been working on.

4 I would also like our production facility while I am in Moscow to visit and if there is time, as well some of the local suppliers. >

5 I will contact you again when I can travel the exact dates as soon as I know.

Put the lines in the emails below into the correct order.

Email 1

I am writing to thank you .../... The meetings were very productive, and A... As well as the business side of things, „7. . The next time that you are in Munich..//

Please give my regards

for your hospitality

during my recent trip to Paris

I really appreciated the time you took

I am sure that they lay the basis for

to show me Notre Dame, and

to your colleagues in the Paris office,

the wonderful meal that we had afterwards

a good long-term business relationship.

it will be my pleasure to return your kindness, it was a great pleasure to meet them all. 15.

Email 2

Unfortunately, we have to inform you that

As we mentioned in the interview, we had .5... While we were impressed with your interview, ,8. We appreciate your interest in ]2

many applicants for this position

your application has not been successful

an interview with us last week

we did not feel

working with us,

that you have the necessary skills

and we would like to take this opportunity

and experience for the position

and the standard of candidates was very high

to wish you every success in the future. .15.

Correct the mistake in each sentence.

1 I am write with regard to your recent email. ..L...(HdA..Mti.Ui\Q,...

2 Please send me your comments until Friday at the latest.

3 I will be grateful if you could send me more information.

4 Please find attach my report, as promised in Friday's meeting.

6 I look forward to receiving this information so soon as possible.

7 I'm sorry I haven't written for ages, but I been really busy.

8 It will be more better for me if we meet on Tuesday rather than Monday. ...

10 Sorry, I don't can help you on this matter.

11 If you require any further informations, please do not hesitate to contact me.

12 I look forward to meet you next week.

13 I am really appreciate your kindness during my stay in London.

14 At the meeting we will discuss the follow points.

15 I'm afraid but we haven't received your payment yet.

Each phrase below has one word missing. Add the missing word.

7 Please get back me if there's anything else.

8 What time would convenient for you?

9 If you like any more details, just let me know.

10 Anyway, that's enough, I think I stop writing now.

11 It was good to meet you the conference in Paris.

12 I look forward to hearing you soon.

13 I've attached a copy the latest sales figures.

14 Thank you for the invitation visit your company.

15 With reference your enquiry, I've attached all the information you need.

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