I look forward to working with you.

Complete the sequence of emails by using the phrases (1-10) in section B. NB: Not the phrases in the box.

Dear Ms Dupuis

Your name was given to me by Dominique Clement at Toulouse Business Services. I understand that you recently did some IT training for them on a freelance basis. We need some training along similar lines for our staff, and I am in the process of looking at different options. I would be grateful if you could give me the following information:

Are you available in early September?

Also, some of our older software needs upgrading or replacing before we have the training, and the original supplier has gone out of business. <2l ?

I would appreciate your advice. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Regards, Karl Finlay

Dear Karl, thank you for your email. I attach a pdf file with our current rates and a list of recent clients. Early September looks fine at the moment - can you let me know the dates, times, number of participants etc?

In relation to your final point, send someone to the Software and Services Exhibition in Lyon next month? A lot of suppliers have stands there. Best wishes, Cristine

Cristine, Thanks for the quick reply.

(4 ) the cost, and we need to discuss this before we go any further. I need to know that we will get good value for money.

(5) send me more details of your course programme and your training methods?

You wanted some more information from us. I'm afraid I don't have the exact dates etc. at the moment, but (6)

Karl, I attach a typical course programme for you to have a look at, although at this stage it's difficult to be too specific about your particular course.

<7), give you a discount of 10% on the prices I quoted earlier, if you paid half the total amount in advance.

(8) value for money, but our training programmes are competitively priced and I can assure you that we have always had very good feedback.

Cristine, <9' I think we need to have a meeting to discuss the training course in more detail. I'm free most mornings - let me know when would suit you best. In the meantime, I'm attaching a document that lists all the hardware we currently have in the office, and the new software we are going to install. Let me know if you need any more information before the meeting.

Read the email exchange between Peter and Kate. In each gap there are two missing words - try to guess what they are. In email 2 Kate has used the 'Reply' button, so she includes the text of the email she received.

Email 1 (from Peter to Kate)

Kate, I've attached the sales figures for Q3, as requested.

You'll see that we're up 6%! Things are really taking off in Central Europe. —

By the way, are you going to the conference?

H mai I 2 (from Kate to Peter)

> Kate, I've attached the sales figures for Q3, as requested.

Sorry, Peter, you forgot to send <1> Can you send it again?

> You'll see that we're up 6%! Things are really taking off in Central Europe.

Great news. Do 6% increase for the quarter or for the whole year?

> By the way, are you going to the conference? ~

w ? The sales conference in Istanbul next month or the International

Plastics Convention in Slough?

Email 3 (from Peter to Kate)

Sorry about that, Kate. Here it is again. Let w if you get it.

I meant 6% for the quarter! Head Office are very pleased. ~ What do you mean 'Which conference?'!! I was talking about the sales conference of course. But are it's in Istanbul?

Email 4 (from Kate to Peter)

Okay, I've got the attachment this time. But you'll never believe it -1 can't

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