Thank you for your email inquiring about our products.

We have three optical pen scanners in our range, the 400C, 600C and 800C. A pen scanner is

<1> (ike., a hand-held scanner, you scan in text from a page and download it into your PC or PDA

later. The 800C is our <2' selling model, and has <3' widest range of functions, including a translating dictionary. The 600C is similar <4> the 800C, but has(5)

memory - it can only store 1,000 pages of text, <6l to 2,000 pages for the 800C. The 400C is cheaper p> the other two models, and doesn't have as <8l ' memory or functionality. It's a more basic model, but its ability to scan text is just the <9l You will find full product and price details in the attached document.

In your email you ask about our terms of payment for large orders. Clearly, the bigger your order, the

(1°) discount we can give. Our normal minimum order is 500 units, but for a first-time customer we would accept an order <11> small as 200 units. It would be better to discuss all this in more detail at a later date, but I'm sure you'll find our terms are very competitive in comparison <12>

other suppliers. We're confident that these pens will sell very well in your market, and customer feedback on the 800C is amongst the best we have <13> had.

If you have any(14) questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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