1 are we still okay for Tuesday?

2 I need to finalise arrangements today.

3 can we reschedule for the following week?

4 something urgent has come up.

5 I'll circulate the agenda in the next few days.

6 let me know if you want to make any changes.

1 're going

2 're catching

3 will be

4 're staying

5 're meeting

6 '11 take

7 're not doing/aren't doing

8 '11 have

9 are sending (will send) 10 '11 give

10 Invitations and directions A

Formal company Email 1

1 Dear Mary

2 We would be very pleased if you could come

3 It has been arranged

4 in order to

5 Your attendance will be very welcome.

6 it will not be necessary to

7 Refreshments will be provided

8 Your presence at the meeting will be very useful.

9 will be able to attend,

Answer key

10 as soon as possible.

11 John Saunders

Email 2

12 Thank you for your kind invitation.

13 1 would be delighted to attend

14 I am sure it will be very useful.

15 Would it be possible

16 Thank you once more for your invitation

17 1 look forward to seeing you

Email 3

18 Thank you for your kind invitation.

19 Please accept my apologies.

20 let me have a copy of any report arising from the discussion.

21 we will have the opportunity to meet on another occasion in the near future.

22 I am sure that the meeting will be a great success.

Informal company Email 1

1 Hi Mary

2 I'm writing to invite you

3 I've arranged it

4 to

5 It'd be great to see you.

6 you won't need to

7 There'll be plenty to eat and drink

8 Hope to see you in May!

9 can make it,

10 asap.

11 Stephanie

Email 2

12 Thanks a lot for the invite.

13 I'd love to come to

14 It sounds like a great idea.

15 Will it be okay

16 Thanks again,

17 see you

Email 3

18 Thanks a lot for the invite.

19 I'm very sorry that I will miss the meeting.

20 email me and let me know how it went.

21 we can meet up soon.

22 Good luck with the meeting!

1 would, could

2 presence/attendance, useful/welcome, make

4 kind, delighted/pleased, seeing/meeting

5 Unfortunately, appointment/meeting/commitment, apologies

6 opportunity/chance, near, success.

1 get/come 11 give

2 find 12 lost

3 by 13 do

4 turn 14 Either

5 on 15 country/countryside/park

6 until 16 yet

7 miss 17 feeling

8 past/by 18 stay

9 at 19 looking

10 in 20 wishes/regards

11 Negotiating a project

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Job Breakthrough

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