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Now check the answers, then cover the right hand column and try to remember the endings.

Cross out the one word or phrase in italics in each sentence that is not natural.

1 I am absolutely I extremely/really/very sorry for what has happened.

2 Thank you for bringing this issue/material/matter/problem to my attention.

3 We can assure you that the articles/goods/items/wares were dispatched on time.

4 We were sorry to hear that the product was damaged/defective/faulty/out of work when you received it.

5 This was due to an oversight when we processed your order/a strike in our factory /an inflammation in our warehouse/circumstances beyond our control.

6 I am trying to sort it out/sort out it/sort the problem out/sort out the problem as a matter of urgency.

7 Please return the faulty goods, and we will refund you/repair them/replace them/restore them immediately.

8 We appreciate that this has caused you considerable inconvenience, but we cannot accept any breach in the contract/disadvantage/liability/responsibility on our part.

Rewrite the sentences below with the correct word order.

1 Thank you very much this matter for bringing to my attention.

2 I was very experienced to learn the problems about you concerned.

3 I will look the matter into and get back you to within the few next days.

4 Once again, accept our apologies please caused for the inconvenience.

5 Having this matter in detail looked into, I be of no further assistance regret that 1 can. Problems l^i^Mi slfvxtm^. ivmi ley phrases

Match the different sections of a report (1-5) with their definitions (a-e).

1 Introduction a) The 'body' of the report: a presentation of arguments and evidence.

2 Background b) The subject of the report, who asked for it, why it has been written.

3 Findings c) Practical suggestions for action, often written as a list or bullet points.

4 Conclusion d) The context: what has happened up to now and the general situation.

5 Recommendations e) A judgment or decision based on the discussion in the 'body'.

Note: a report may not have all these sections, and in an email a 'section' may simply be a single sentence.

Match the beginnings of the sentences (1-12) with the endings (a-1).

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