to be below the expected st, d to complain in the strongest possible te s to express strong dis ion with sth.

to demand an immediate repl, t to cause sb. considerable inc e

Linking words and phrases are used in complaints to explain your case clearly and carefully. Complete the table with the words/phrases from the box.

Above all As a result Even though Finally Firstly Furthermore However In addition In conclusion In fact In particular In reality In spite of the fact that Nevertheless Taking everything into consideration Therefore

Adding another point (like and): 1 ...EMlhetMOfg /„.

Giving the most important example: 6 /.,

Introducing the final paragraph: 8 /,.

• Which two phrases are NOT followed immediately by a comma, and can come in the middle of a sentence as well as at the beginning?

Underline the most appropriate words or phrases in the email.

I am writing to complain about the poor service we have received from your company. <1>Firstly/Therefore, the goods you sent were not the ones that we ordered. Our order dated 16 September clearly stated that we wanted 1,000 t-shirts. ®/n particular/However, we only received 800. ^Nevertheless/Furthermore, we asked you to print our company logo in the top left corner of the shirts and you have printed it in the centre. To make matters worse, your staff were very unhelpful when I called. ®Even though/Above all, no-one took responsibility to sort out the problem -1 was simply passed from person to person. <5'/n fact/In addition, after 30 minutes I gave up in frustration and ended the call.

The whole matter was treated by your staff as though it was completely unimportant, <6>/n spite of the fact that/therefore we have been your customers for more than five years. (7)//i particular/As a result, we are considering stopping all future business with your company.

<8>Taking everything into consideration/in reality, we must insist on an immediate replacement order, to reach here within 14 working days, at no cost to ourselves.

Email 1 below is a formal apology, email 2 is an informal apology. Complete the emails by choosing the correct alternatives below. The phrases are in the same order as they appear in the emails.

2/12 unprofessional conduct / unfortunate behaviour

3/13 Please accept my sincere apologies for / I'm really sorry for

4/14 You can be sure that / You have my assurance that

5/15 sort out the problem / resolve the matter to your satisfaction

6/16 I'll/We will

7/17 To compensate for the inconvenience caused / As a friendly gesture

8/18 about what happened / regarding the incident

9/19 If you have any further queries / If there's anything else

10/20 please call / do not hesitate to contact me

Email 1: formal

I am writing <\0M...b.€.hdL{ Ci.iPromotional Products in relation to your recent complaint. I was very concerned to learn about the problems you experienced and the <2>

of our sales staff. <3) everything that happened, and thank you for bringing it to my attention. <4>

<6l send replacement items immediately, at our expense, and I will personally make sure that the order is correct, w we will also send you a credit note to be used against any items in our catalogue. I have already spoken to the sales staff involved <8> and we are making sure that in the future all customer complaints are dealt with in a polite and helpful manner.

Once again, I hope you will accept my apologies for the inconvenience caused. I very much hope you will continue to use our services in the future. <9> ,

<10> on my direct line given below.

Email 2: informal

Laura, I'm writing { all our family to say thank you very much for letting us stay at your seaside house at the weekend, we really enjoyed it. By now you have probably heard from your neighbours about the <12> of my teenage son Harry and his friends when they came back from the pub late on Saturday night. <13l

all the noise they made, and for the damage they caused to your neighbour's garden. <14>

I will do everything possible to <15>

<16> contact your neighbours directly and offer to pay for any damage. <17l

I'll also send them them some flowers and a box of chocolates. I've already spoken to my son <18l and he promises it won't happen again.

Once again, I am really sorry. <19l

Match the beginnings of the sentences (1-10) with the endings (a-j).
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