Pavel Witkiewicz

2 Thank you sending me the catalogue I requested.

3 We are writing to inform that...

4 We are able confirm that...

5 I apologise the delay.

6 I would appreciate if you could ...

Each paragraph in the emails below has three mistakes. Correct the mistakes. Email 1

It was a pleasure to meet you in Budapest last week and I would like to thank you for your interest in our to office products. You mentioned that you were goinc^visit Turkey soon, and when you do I like to invite you to visit our factory outside Istanbul. We would be very pleased to showing you round our new factory and modern production facilities.

As you would being our guest, we would of course arrange for you to stay in a good hotel and take you out to dinner. Please to let me know when you have finalised your travel plans. I look forward to see you in Turkey in the near future.

Email 2

You will all be aware that we been interviewing candidates for the position of Marketing Director. I am now pleased to inform that we have appointed an excellent candidate, Simone Verhart. Simone has worked in marketing for over fifteen years and I am sure that she will be a valuable member of team.

I would like to invite you a short lunchtime reception in Conference Room 2 next Tuesday 5 Feb where you will have chance to meet Simone on an informal basis. Refreshments will be available. Please let me know if you can come so that I can to estimate numbers.

Email 3

I am write re our order for 1,000 pieces of footwear, reference VK899. The money was transfer to your account on 23 January and we yet haven't received the goods. You promised in your email of 15 Dec that you would ship within 7 days of a firm order.

I called your office this morning but the secretary told that you were away until tomorrow (Thursday). Please call me at the morning and let me know what is happening. We have customers waiting for these pieces and the delay is causing us for to lose business.

Email 4

It has been brought to my attention that security in the building is not so good as it could be. As you may be aware, one of our secretaries had her bag stolen yesterday. In the light of this, I would like to remember you to take care of your personal possessions, particular at those times of the day when the building is not busy.

I am going to prepare a report on how security could be improved, and I could be grateful for any suggestions that you have. Please email me with your ideas by the end of next week at the later. I also have a word with our security staff in reception to see if there are any procedures we can improve there.

Review the rules for full stops, commas and capital letters. Then rewrite the email, putting in a) capital letters b) four full stops and c) two commas.

A full stop (.) is used at the end of a sentence. A comma (,) is used:

• like a brief pause in speech, to make the sentence easier to read.

• to separate words in a list (except for the last two items where we use and).

• after many linking words that come at the beginning of a sentence (like However). Capital letters (also called 'upper case' letters) are used:

• for names of people, places, events and organisations.

• for nationalities and languages.

• for calendar information like days, months etc.

dear antoine curiel —

i am the sales manager for genetech a small biotechnology company based in cologne ¡ attended your — presentation at the eurotech conference in paris in november and we met briefly afterwards here is the information i said i would send including our latest annual report i hope it is of interest best regards michael bretz

Review the rules for apostrophes. Then rewrite the email, putting in a) capital letters, b) apostrophes and c) four commas.

• in short forms to show that one or more letters have been left out ® before the possessive -s to show ownership or the relationship between people hi jean - how are you? thanks for your email about mr Williams, in fact im meeting him on friday 16 march, were meeting in his brussels office and im a bit nervous about it because i dont speak french very well! hes the marketing director of the company and reports directly to the ceo. its going to be an interesting meeting and i havent been to belgium before so im looking forward to it. anyway ill be in touch when i get back.

Review the rules for colons and semi-colons. Then rewrite the email, putting in a) capital letters, b) apostrophes, c) two commas, d) one colon and e) two semi-colons.

A colon (:) is used to introduce items in a list.

A semi-colon (;) is used to separate long items in a list, particularly if there are commas inside some items. It is also used to join two sentences with a related meaning (this is rare).

Angela - have you read johns report yet? i think its main conclusions are correct, this is basically what hes saying sales are flat and have been so for months theres no new products in the pipeline despite our large r&d budget and our share price is at its lowest point since last november. i hope the board take it seriously.

How good is your spelling? If you have a spell-checker that works with email then it is not really a problem, but many people don't. Underline the spelling mistakes in the email and write the correction below. There are 30 incorrect words.

Hi Tim! Thanks for your email wich I recieved some time ago. Sorry I havn't replyed before now, but I've been realy busy. Actualy, it's good news - I've got a job! I went for loads of interviews and finaly I was ^ sucessful - I'm working for a small indipendent record company. The job is very investing -1 help to organise tours for the groups, make arangements for there accomodation in the cityes where they play, things like that. I've been doing it since the begining of Februry, and its grate - completly difrent to my old job working in a restarant! It's a good oportunity for me. Hopefuly, if the peopel in the company like me, I'll get more responsabilities and more mony. Then I coud even think about visitting you in Ingland! Anyway, keep in touch, and I look foward to seeing you soon.

A Match the words (1-5) with the definitions (a-e).

1 a complaint a) a request to send goods

2 an invoice b) a request for general information

3 a quotation c) a request for payment

4 an inquiry d) something you say or write when you are not satisfied

5 an order e) a document giving detailed information about the cost of something


6 three documents above sent by the customer to the supplier / /

7 two documents above sent by the supplier to the customer /

B Complete this typical customer-supplier sequence with the words from the box.

a complaint information an inquiry an invoice (with the goods) an order the problem a quotation the quotation

The customer... The supplier...

1 makes m.Jttqidif.yi

3 requests

Below you will see eight emails between a supplier of ornamental plants and a hotel manager. Put them into the correct order. Section B will help you.

(a) Thank you for your email received today. We supply and maintain large, ornamental plants for hotel lobbies and company reception areas. We have been in business for more than ten years and have some of the city's biggest hotels among our clients. Please see the attached document for more details of our products and prices. If you need any more information, please let me know.

(b) I saw your advertisement in a recent copy of Hotel and Catering Monthly. I am interested in your Plant Solutions service for hotel lobbies. Please send more details.

(c) Your visit to our hotel last Tuesday was very useful, and 1 now have the agreement of my line manager to go ahead with the contract. I am attaching our order as a Word file. Please acknowledge receipt of this email and give us a delivery date.

(d) Further to your last email, I am happy to provide you with the information you need:

On an order for twelve plants we could not give any discount. We believe our prices are very competitive and offer excellent value for money.

Our terms of payment are one month's charges in advance.

Yes, it would be useful to come to the site. Is next Tuesday morning at 10am convenient for you? I can use the opportunity to clarify any other questions that you might have.

(e) I am writing about a visit by one of your maintenance staff earlier today. He left a lot of water on the carpets where he had watered the plants. This was not the high standard of service that we have come to expect from you in the past.

(f) Thanks for your prompt reply. I am interested in obtaining four large plants for our lobby (variety 'Grandifolia') and a further eight for the restaurant area (variety 'Graciosa'). Would you give a discount on an order of this size? Also, can you state your terms of payment as I could not find these on the document you attached? One final thing - do you need to come to the site to see if there is sufficient light? Our address is below.

(g) We are very sorry to hear that the service you received from our company was not up to the usual standard. Unfortunately, a lot of our regular maintenance staff have been ill recently and we had to employ temporary workers. We appreciate the time you have taken to bring this matter to our attention, and as we value our good customer relations, we are willing to give you one week's free maintenance. I apologise again for any inconvenience caused.

(h) It is now 28 days since you accepted delivery of our plants. We attach an invoice for next month's charges. Please pay this asap. Thank you.

Find a word or phrase from the emails which mean:

1 to provide people with something that they need, (email a) SMpp.l.y

2 words or pictures that try to persuade people to buy a product, (email b)

3 to tell someone in writing that you have received something, (email c)

4 a good relationship between quality (or quantity) and price, (email d)

5 a level of quality, skill or ability, (email e)

6 the conditions in an agreement or legal document, (email f)

8 the amount of money you have to pay for something, (email h)

Look at the paragraph structure below for two emails: an inquiry (request for information) and the reply. Then write the correct paragraph reference next to each sentence (a-j).

Inquiry 1 How you got the contact.

2 Something about your company, and why you are writing.

3 General request for information.

4 Other specific/unusual questions.

5 Close, perhaps including a reference to future business.

Reply 1 Thanks, referring to the date.

2 Say what you are attaching.

3 Highlight one or two key points.

4 Answer any specific questions.

5 Close, saying you are ready to answer any other questions.

a) We are a distributor of kitchen products in Hungary. We are interested in ... ...jAQM£y 2,

b) I am attaching our current catalogue and price list as a pdf file.

c) I look forward to an early reply, and am sure that there is a market for your products here in Hungary.

d) Could you also provide details of your delivery times, and whether there is any minimum order.

e) Thank you for your email of 4 June inquiring about our products.

f) You will note that our line of MagicMix food processors is on special offer.

g) Please send us information about your product range, including a price list.

h) We met last Thursday on your stand at the Munich Trade Fair.

i) If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

j) We dispatch the goods within 24 hours of a firm order, and for first-time customers our minimum order is €5,000.

Put paragraphs (a-e) in the emails below in the correct order. Section A will help you.

(a) We are a Turkish company exporting to the EU, and need a firm of lawyers in France to represent us on some legal matters.

(b) In particular, we would like to know your experience in dealing with disputes between companies involved in import/export.

(c) I am emailing you off your website, which I found through Google.

(d) An early reply would be greatly appreciated.

(e) We would be grateful for some information about the legal services that your firm offers. Paragraph order: 1_______________ 2 3 4 5

(a) We feel sure that we will be able to represent your interests here in France. May I suggest that I call you at your convenience to discuss the matter further? Please let me know when would be a convenient time. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

(b) Thank you for your email of 4 December asking for information about our legal services.

(c) You will also note that we have represented several Turkish companies, including one of Turkey's major textile exporters. Naturally, our experience in this field includes resolving contractual disputes.

(d) You will see that we give a list of our recent clients, and that the list includes many well-known company names.

(e) I am attaching a document that gives full details of the range of service we offer.

Complete sentences 1-12 with the pairs of words from the box. Check the meaning of any unknown words in a dictionary.

accept/quotation apologise/inconvenience assure/prompt attachcd/dclay correct/amend discount/repeat dispatched/firm first-time/pre-payment note/records processed/track temporarily/stock would/grateful

1 Please return the ..(¿M.(iC.k&d... form asap so that your order can be processed without any


2 We be if you could supply bank references.

3 Our normal terms for customers are 50%

4 I have spoken to my line manager, and we are pleased to offer a small on this occasion in the hope that it will lead to orders.

5 The goods will be 3 days from receipt of a order.

6 We you that your order will have our attention.

7 We your Please ship at the first available opportunity.

8 Your order has been You can shipping details on our website.

9 We from our that payment of invoice 5718 is still outstanding.

10 We are out of of this item, but we expect new supplies shortly.

11 We for any which may have been caused.

12 The information is given below. Please your records accordingly.

Match the words (1-8) with the definitions (a-h).

1 discount a) the conditions of a sales contract

2 credit b) the cost of delivery

3 delivery time c) the smallest number of items that can be supplied

4 terms of payment d) a reduction in price

5 minimum order e) how long the goods will take to arrive

6 guarantee/warranty f) the correct way of doing something

7 transport costs g) an arrangement to buy goods and pay for them later

8 procedure h) a promise to repair a product or replace it

Now match the verbs in the columns below with these nouns; an agreement, a compromise, an offer, an order. Check any unknown words in a dictionary.

9 cancel/confirm/make/place/receive

10 accept/increase/make/reject/withdraw

11 keep to/make/negotiate/reach/sign

12 accept/agree on/find/reach/suggest

Complete the emails by writing one word in each gap. The first letter/s have been given each time to help you.

Email 1

Dear Ms Newman

Thank you for sending your current catalogue and price (1>//sl last week. We are interested in purchasing 5,000 ® u, of product ref TG67 and 2,000 of product ref K800. However, there are one or two things we would like to clarify before going ahead with a firm <3> o

1 Do you give any <4> cf on an order of this ® s ?

2 Would you be ® pr to let us have the goods on w cr ? Our normal

<®> i of payment are 60 days after delivery, and we can of course supply a bank

3 We can find no mention of delivery times in your documentation. We need these items by the end of October at the <1°> la

If we can <11> r an agreement on these matters, we are sure that we can do more business with you in the future. We are a <12> w - k company that has been in the market for over twenty years. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Pavel Witkiewicz

Email 2

Dear Mr Witkiewicz

Thank you for your email of 2 August inquiring about a possible order for our products ref nos. TG67 and K800.1 will go through your questions in order.

1 In Wr to discounts, we would be happy to let you have a discount of 5% on an order of this size.

2 With <14) r to your request for credit, unfortunately, we are not able to offer 60 days credit to

<16> // i -1 customers. However, I am sure we can find an acceptable i16' com In view of your reputation in the market, our credit <17> co

department will agree on 30 days, with no pre-payment necessary. Our normal <18> pro is to check all bank guarantees, so we will be requiring <19'/u details if you decide to go ahead with your order.

3 Your final question is about delivery times. We can supply the items you require directly from

(20) st , and the goods will leave our warehouse within 3 working days of a firm order.

Please also note that we have recently improved the functionality of our website, and it is now possible to

(21>p/ an order on-line. Alternatively, you can print out the attached order form. Just i22' f it in and return it to us by mail.

I have arranged for a member of our customer services(23) t to give you a call later in the week. They will be able to <24> d with any further points.

Thank you for your interest in our products. Sylvia Newman

Underline the correct prepositions in each sentence.

1 Thank you for/about your interest in our products.

2 We are interested in/to purchasing 5,000 units.

3 Do you give discounts to/on an order of this size?

4 We will be happy to deal to/with any further questions.

5 Is it possible to buy the goods on/with credit?

6 We need these items until/by the end of October at the latest.

7 We need to reach agreement on/for this matter as soon as possible.

8 We have 20 items on/in order from you.

9 Thank you for your email about a possible order by/for our products.

10 In relation with/to discounts, our terms are 5% for an order over €10,000.

11 We offer a discount of/by 5%.

12 With regard to your request for/of 60 days credit, unfortunately we are not able to do this.

13 There are one or two things to clarify before going ahead/in front with an order.

14 Our company has been on/in the market for over forty years.

15 This product has been on/in the market for over a year.

16 We are prepared to compromise at/over the question of transport costs.

17 We can supply the items yourequire directly of/from stock.

18 The goods will leave our warehouse within/until 3 working days of a firm order.

Make complete sentences by using one phrase from each column. The first one has been done for you.

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