The email in section A on the previous page is one long paragraph. Show where new paragraphs could begin by writing a // symbol in the text. The structure below will help you.

1 Greeting

2 Reason for writing

For example: where (and when) you saw the advertisement and which job you are interested in.

3 Your background and experience

For example: your age (optional); present job and/or studies; your qualifications (or if you are a student what you hope to do in the future); a description of your recent work experience.

4 The job

For example: mention the skills and personal qualities that make you suitable for this job.

5 Refer to vou CV

Ask the reader to look at your CV/Resume, and focus on one or two key points.

6 Final comments

For example: say that you hope your application will be considered; say who will give you a reference; say when you are available for interview; say how you can be contacted.

7 Standard final sentence

8 Formal ending

Complete the sentences with one of these words i as, at, for, from, in, of, on, to.

1 With reference your advertisement the website, I am interested

applying the post of tour leader.

2 I have attached my CV a Word document.

3 I am available interview Naples.

4 I'm working a sales representative at the moment.

5 You can email me or telephone me the number given my CV.

6 I look forward hearing you soon.

7 I have a good knowledge business administration. I studied it university.

8 I'm unemployed the moment. I've been out work since the summer.

9 I'm studying a degree Environmental Studies.

10 I hope to follow a career the legal profession.

11 I have been working Telekom for one year.

12 I attach my CV requested.

Basics 74

Arrangements 76

Writing styles 77

Commercial 78

Complaints and apologies 81

Personal 82

Reports 84

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