Review some language for giving directions and planning an informal visit. Complete the email below by writing one word in each gap.

Here are the directions for how to <1> to my house - print out this email and bring it with you.

It's not difficult to <2>, as you're coming !3> train. Come out of the station and w right. Carry down the road <®> you come to a church called ~

St Paul's. You can't w it. Just after the church turn left. Be careful - it's a very small street and people often go <8' without noticing it. You'll see my house the end of the street - it's got a red door. Try and get here <10> time for lunch. You can <11{

me a call on your mobile if you get <12>

After lunch there's a couple of things we could <13' <14> we can look around

Brighton, or we can take my car and go for a walk in the(15) We don't need to decide

<16) - we'll just see how we're <17> at the time. It's great that you're coming down to (18> for a few days. I'm really <18> forward to it. Give my best (20> -

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