Fill in the missing prepositions. Each gap represents one word.

1 To copy somebody an email. (= to send somebody a copy of an email)

2 To get somebody about something. (= to contact somebody again)

Rewrite the sentences below with the correct word order to make typical email phrases. Start each sentence with a capital letter.

1 sorry, you forgot the send to attachment, you caii again send it?

2 mean you to send this did? i don't want the attachment to open in case it's a virus got.

3 about that are you sure? i thought was in Istanbul the conference.

4 i'll check and get you back to later today.

5 you do mean which conference?

6 i don't this point understand sorry, can you in a little detail more explain it?

7 i'm sure not what mean you by this, you could clarify?

8 i thought on Thursday was the meeting, but I wrong may be.

9 sorry, my last email forget, you're right, not Friday, it should Thursday be.

10 what was meant I Gatwick, not Heathrow, the situation this clarifies i hope.

The email below shows some original text introduced with a '>' symbol, and some comments in italics♦ Complete the email by writing one word in each gap.

> I've written down some thoughts about the Beta project - it's <1l as a Word doc. I'm circulating it to all line managers. me know what you think.

I'm afraid you <3> to send the attachment. Can you send it <4' ?

> There's a couple of things I'd like you focus on. First is the timing.

I'm not sure what you mean <5l 'timing'. The time before the project starts, or the time the project will actually take once it's started?

> Then there's the question of marketing costs.

/ know Daniel produced some detailed figures on this some time ago. Have you <e> with him?

> Finally, feasibility.

I don't understand this(7) Can you explain in a little more ® ?

> I'd like your comments by the end of next week at the <®l

Okay, I'll try to get them <10l to you by then.

One last thing -1 think you need to copy Lila !11> on your original email. I may be

<12> but I think she's now involved from the Latin America end.

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