We would appreciate

immediate action to

settle your account.

Note: overdue and outstanding both mean 'not yet paid'; to settle means 'to pay the money you owe'. Read the emails below. Which email is the:

first reminder second reminder third reminder final demand

Email 1

Following my emails of [DATE/S] I must inform you that we have still not received payment for the outstanding sum of €4,500. Unless we receive payment within seven days we shall have no alternative but to take legal action to recover the money. In the meantime, your existing credit facilities have been suspended.

Email 2

I wish to draw your attention to my previous emails of [DATE/S] about the overdue payment on your account. We are very concerned that the matter has not yet received your attention. Clearly, this situation cannot be allowed to continue, and we must urge you to take immediate action to settle your account.

Email 3

According to our records, the sum of €4,500 is still outstanding on your account.

We trust that our service was to your satisfaction, and we would appreciate your cooperation in resolving this matter as soon as possible.

Email 4

On [DATE/S] I wrote to you regarding your company's unpaid account, amounting to €4,500.

May we please remind you that this amount is still outstanding. We would be grateful to receive a bank transfer in full settlement without further delay.

la) This invoice should be paid immediately

b) You must pay this invoice immediately .

2a) You have not paid invoice JK387

b) We note from our records that invoice JK387 has not been paid

3a) This outstanding balance is now overdue

b) Your outstanding balance is now overdue

4a) Please send a bank transfer to clear this amount

b) Please send a bank transfer to clear this amount. If you have already dealt with this matter, then please disregard this email

Note: the first reminder should be polite and impersonal - don't assume your customer has no intention of paying.

11' Complete the emails with the phrases from the box.

concerning a payment forward the payment further delay have still not received now two months overdue shall have no alternative should have been cleared the outstanding sum to settle your account

First reminder

We are writing to you ¡1> of €12,600 for invoice number KJ678 which is now overdue. A copy of the invoice is attached.

This amount by the end of last month. Please send a bank transfer

<3> or an explanation of why the balance is still outstanding. If you have already dealt with this matter, please disregard this email.

Second reminder

With reference to my email of 21 March, I must inform you that we

payment to clear the balance on your account. I am sure you are aware that late payments create problems for us. We would appreciate payment of <5) without <6>

If you have any queries on this matter, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for your cooperation.

Final demand

I wrote to you on 21 March and 7 April regarding the balance of €12,600 on your account. I attach copies of both emails. This sum is <7> We are very concerned that the matter has not yet received your attention. Please <8> within seven days.

If we do not receive payment from you, we <9> but to take legal action to recover the full amount.

Review the language of trends.

Complete the pairs of opposites with the words from the box.

a) to go up / to . ..§0..d0iA/.ft. e) to increase / to

be down


be stable

get worse


go down


hit a low

2 Complete these irregular verb forms.

go - - g rise - ro - ri, grow - gr - gr fall - fe - fa

3 Complete the sentences with one of these words: gradually, sharply, significantly, slightly, slowly, steadily.

a) Sales increased JSISM/Iy (not fast) d) Sales increased (slowly over a long time)

b) Sales increased (suddenly) e) Sales increased (noticeably)

c) Sales increased (a little) f) Sales increased (gradually and regularly)

4 Change the verb + adverb form into an adjective + noun form.

to improve gradually ■=> a grad impro to grow slowly ■=> si gro

5 Complete the sentences with one of these words: by, by, for, from, in, of, since, to.

a) Sales increased 3%. (after a verb)

b) There was an increase 3%. (after a noun and before an amount)

c) There was a 3% increase sales. (after a noun and before the topic)

d) Sales increased 15,000 17,500 - so they increased 2,500.

e) Sales have been increasing January (point in time) / six months (period of time).

Underline the correct words in the email.

Petra - here are the main points from the second quarter results:

At the start of the quarter sales stood Wat $25 million. Then they ®rose/rised over the three months ^to/until $27.6 million - an increase (%y/of around 12%.

Ifs even better if you look at the year-on-year ®quantities/figures. Last year sales increased <6>by/with only 6% over the same quarter.

The trend is also good for the rest of this year. We're looking at ^steady/steadily ^growing/growth going forward.

Congratulations are due to everyone. However, there is a downside. Market share is not growing as fast as sales. In fact, it's been more or less stable ®for/since the last few years <10>at/with around 18%. In a ^rapid/rapidly growing market our competitors have benefited as much as us, and in the future we must <12>fo watch/watch this very closely. I look forward to hearing your comments. Regards, Mark

Review the language of forecasts (what is likely to happen in the future). Complete the table with the words/phrases from the box. Be careful: two are not used.

are likely to could could not I expect I doubt I'm sure might might not won't probably probably won't won't may not

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