When we write or speak it can sound strange to give a very exact figure. Instead we use vague language. Complete the table with the phrases from the box.

a little over 50% almost 50% a lot more than 50% around 50% far less than 50% considerably more than 50% much less than 50% nearly 50% slightly more than 50% roughly 50%

Complete the words in each sentence with the missing letters.

1 This year's sales were €5.5m - that's a \i.Ul& o..V&t last year's figure of €5.2m.

2 This year's sales were €3.9m - that's mu 1 th, last year's figure of€5.2m.

3 This year's sales were €7.9m - that's a d 50% up on last year's figure.

4 This year's sales were €7.6m - that's n y 50% up on last year's figure.

5 This year's sales were €5.5m - that's si m, t last year's figure of€5.2m.

6 This year's sales were €5.lm - that's r the same last year's figure.

Langkaye ine^a

Sentence structure

Read the information about sentence structure.

A simple affirmative sentence in English typically has the order Subject + Verb + Object. Each part can be a phrase rather than a single word:

This report will analyse last year's budget.

There can be an adverb phrase as well, and it often comes at the end. Adverbs say how (quickly), where (at our offices) or when (next week) something happens. If we have several adverbs together, the usual word order is HOW - WHERE - WHEN. Look at these examples:

Job Breakthrough

Job Breakthrough

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