Petra, I've had <1>so/such a busy week, but finally I've had a chance to talk to Marketing and look at the figures in more detail. Here are our thoughts on the recent trends in sales:

• The market as a whole is growing, and (2>as a result/because of we have benefited along with all our other competitors.

• However, this fact alone cannot explain why sales are growing ^so/such fast. If you look at the figures you'll see that much of the increase is i4>due to/result from the success of just two products, Viva and Avanti. We had a big advertising campaign for Viva before Christmas, which <5'resulted to/led to the peak in sales in December. Avanti on the other hand has been selling well throughout the year, probably

®because of/because it already has a good reputation in the market.

• We must make sure that our new lines are equally successful. ^So/As a result of, someone needs to prepare a detailed marketing plan and circulate it to everyone. Jim should probably deal with this ^because of/because his work on Viva and Avanti. I'll suggest it to him.

Hope this is helpful, Mark.


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