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1) in time for the next meeting.

The order of sentences 1-12 follows (more or less) the order in which they would be used. Write the sentence numbers after these section headings:




Closing comments:

Complete the email with the phrases from the box.

above as follows based on the figures can be seen divided the report identify opportunities I suggest that investigate the possibility led to a situation let me have make reductions see section 4.2 purpose of the report shows that

Subject: Cost-cutting measures

As requested at the Board meeting of 18 April, here is my report. The full report is attached as a Word document, but I have written a brief summary below.


The <1> is to suggest ways to reduce costs across the company.

It is sent to me by different departments last month. I have

<3> into three sections: background, findings and recommendations.


As w in table 1 in the attached document, demand for our products has been falling over the last year, and sales and profits are both down. This has <5'

where cost-cutting measures are necessary.


There are three main areas where cost reductions are possible:

• The marketing budget is very high. As mentioned <6> sales are going down, but we are still spending large sums on magazine advertising and street posters. This is not justified.

• Production costs are also high. Table 2 in the report o raw material costs have gone up by 12% over the last year. We must find a way to bring these down.

• We may also have to dismiss a small number of administrative staff, which will be very unpopular.

<8> of the full report for suggestions on how to proceed.


In conclusion, ® the company should be able to cut costs significantly by the end of the year. My specific recommendations are <10> :

1 Marketing Dept to <11> in the advertising budget of 10% or 15%.

2 Production Dept to <12>, of using different suppliers to bring down materials costs.

3 Head Office to <13> for cutting a limited number of jobs, in case the situation deteriorates.

Please have a look at the full report and <14>, your comments by 2 June at the latest. These will then be circulated to all departmental managers in time for the meeting on 16 June. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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