Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms Dupuis Dear Mary

Hi/Hello Mary

Mary, ... (or no name at all)

Previous contact

Thank you for your email of ... Further to your last email, ... I apologise for not getting in contact with you before now.

Thanks for your email. Re your email, ... Sorry I haven't written for ages, but I've been really busy.

Reason for writing

I am writing in connection with ... I am writing with regard to ... In reply to your email, here are ... Your name was given to me by ... We would like to point out that...

Just a short note about... I'm writing about... Here's the ... you wanted. I got your name from ... Please note that ...

Giving information

I'm writing to let you know that... We are able to confirm that... I am delighted to tell you that... We regret to inform you that...

Just a note to say ... We can confirm that... Good news! Unfortunately, ...


Please find attached my report. I'm sending you ... as a pdf file.

Here is the ... you wanted.

Asking for information

Could you give me some information about ...

I'm interested in receiving/finding out...

Can you tell me a little more about ... I'd like to know ... Please send me ...


Thank you in advance for your help in this matter.

Please could you ... Could you ... ? Can I have ... ?

I'd appreciate your help on this.

I'll investigate the matter. I will contact you again shortly.

I'll look into it.

I'll get back to you soon.

Offering help

Let me know whether you would like me to ...

Let me know if you'd like me to ...

Final comments

Thank you for your help.

Do not hesitate to contact us again if you require any further information. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. My direct line is ...

Thanks again for ... Let me know if you need anything else.

Just give me a call if you have any questions. My number is ...


I am looking forward to ... (+ 4ng) Give my regards to ... Best wishes Regards

Looking forward to ... (+ 4ng) Best wishes to ... Speak to/See you soon. Bye (for now)/All the best

Negotiating a project

Asking for information Requests

Emphasising a main point Asking for a suggestion Making a suggestion Negotiating: being firm Negotiating: being flexible Negotiating: agreeing Next steps Closing

What are your usual charges (fees/rates) for ... ? Can you give me some more information about... ?

Do you think you could ... ? Would you be able to ... ?

My main concern at this stage is ... The main thing for me is ...

How do you think we should deal with this? What do you think is the best way forward?

I understand what you're saying about... (but...) I can see what you're saying, but...

We would be prepared to ... (if ... ) I am willing to ... (if ...)

Okay, I'm happy with that for now. That's fine.

I'll be in touch again soon with more details. Let's talk next week and see how things are going.

I look forward to working with you.

I'm sorry that we couldn't use your services this time, but I hope there will be another opportunity.

Checking understanding

Technical problems Did you get my last message sent on ... ?

Sorry, you forgot to attach the file. Can you send it again? I got your email, but I can't open the attachment.

Did you mean to send this? I don't want to open it in case it's got a virus.

Asking for clarification I'm not sure what you mean by ...? Could you clarify? Which ... do you mean?

I don't understand this point. Can you explain in a little more detail? Are you sure about that?

Giving clarification Sorry, what I meant was ..., not...

I thought..., but I may be wrong. I'll check and get back to you.

The correct information is given below. Please amend your records accordingly. Sorry, forget my last email. You're right.

Close I hope this clarifies the situation.

Get back to me'.if there's anything else.

PS',rase bank


Formal/Neutral Informal

Reason for writing

I'm writing to arrange a time for our meeting. What time would be convenient for you?

Just a quick note to arrange a time to meet. When would suit you?

Suggesting time/place

Could we meet on (day) in (the morning etc.) at (time)?

How about (day) at (time)? Are you free sometime next week?

Saying when you are/ are not free

I would be able to attend the meeting on

Thursday morning. I'm out of the office until 2pm. Any time after that would be fine. I'm afraid I can't manage next Monday.

I'm free Thursday am.

I won't be around until after lunch. Any time after that is okay. Sorry, can't make it next Monday.


That's fine. I will call/email you tomorrow to confirm the details.

Thursday is good for me. That should be okay. I'll get back to you if there's a problem.

Changing arrangements

This is to let you know that I will not be able to attend the meeting next Thursday. I wonder if we could move it to ... ? I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Re our meeting next week, I'm afraid I can't make Thursday. How about... instead? Sorry for the inconvenience.


I look forward to meeting you in Brussels. Let me know if you need to change the arrangements.

See you in Brussels.

Give me a call if anything changes.


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Job Breakthrough

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