Simon and I have been talking about your holiday plans for next August. It looks like we won't be able to join you. I'm really sorry.



Look back at the examples in section C. Find:

a) two written to someone unknown or little known. ..„{?... / „

b) four written to colleagues, perhaps sent to several people. ...,,... / /., /

c) five written to a friend /..,..- /■ /-..-• /•

d) one written to a very close family member.

Giving news

Decide whether the following would be used in a formal or informal email.

1 Further to our phone call, I now have the information you requested. formal / informal

2 Thanks for your email - it was great to hear from you again. formal / informal

3 I'm sorry I haven't written for ages, but I've been really busy. formal / informal

4 With reference to your last email, I am writing to let you know ... formal / informal

Rewrite the sentences below with the correct word order, beginning as shown.

1 I'm writing our appointment 6 June on Tuesday to confirm.

2 Unfortunately, I will make the meeting not be able to on 6 June Tuesday.


3 You has been accepted your application will be pleased to hear that.


4 We inform you regret to that your application has been not successful.

5 Bad afraid news I'm about next weekend our trip.


6 You'll guess never happened what's!


7 Here's the project on an update.


Look back at the sentences in section B. Find:

a) two written by a friend to another friend. /

b) two written by a business person to a colleague, about a meeting. /

c) two written by a Human Resources manager to a candidate for a job. /

d) one written by a business person to a colleague, introducing general information.

Complete the emails by writing one word in each gap. Several answers may be possible.

<1l F.tiflhg.t to our phone call earlier today, I'm writing to <2> that I will be able to

<3) the meeting next Monday as discussed. Looking <4> to seeing you then.

With f5> to your last email, I am writing to ® you know what's happening with the project, w things are running a bit late. You can get the whole picture from my report, which I've(8) as a Word doc.

Match the verb forms in italics (a-f) with their uses (1-6) below.

a) Hi Anna. I'm in Switzerland! I'm working as an au-pair over the summer.

b) I've got a new job! The hours aren't too bad - I start at 9 and finish around 5.

c) I've got a new job! I've been so busy that I haven't had a chance to write.

d) You won't believe it! I was shopping in the city centre the other day and I saw Helga!

e) You won't believe it! I was shopping in the city centre the other day and I saw Helga!

f) Do you fancy going out on Friday? I've been writing a report all week and I need a break.

1 a habit or routine

2 a temporary action in progress at the moment

3 an action in progress in the past (gives the background)

4 a completed action (we know when it happened)

5 giving recent news (the writer's attention is on the present result of the events)

6 an action in progress from the past up to the present

Read the email. Then choose the best word to fill each gap from A, B, C or D below.

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