Gunter- We Need To Meet To Discuss The Budget For Next Year

Rewrite the email. The maximum length is 80 words, including the subject line. Think carefully about what information you need to include. Underline the key words to help you.

Subject: Training course in how to use spreadsheets

I have found some interesting information about a computer training course taking place in the city centre. I think it would be useful for someone from our department to attend as we are all a bit uncertain about how to use Excel, although we know the basics of course. I have a copy of their leaflet, and the details are as follows. The name of the course is 'Spreadsheets for Financial Planning', and the course dates are from 4 June to 8 June. The course runs every evening during that week, from 18.00 to 19.30. The cost is €750. I am free at that time and I would really like to go -1 can help other people in the future. I know it's a bit expensive, but do you think the company can pay for me? I can't afford to pay for it out of my own money. Thank you very much.


Rewrite the email. The maximum length is 80 words, including the subject line. Think carefully about what information you need to include. Underline the key words to help you.

Subject: Mrs Rothe's retirement at the end of the year

As you may know, Mrs Rothe will be retiring at the end of the year. She has made a great contribution to our company, and will be missed by all her colleagues. She has been with the company for fifteen years, moving up from Sales Assistant to Sales Manager during that time. To show our appreciation, we would like to organise a small leaving party for Mrs Rothe, after work on her final day. We will also present her with a small gift. I have asked Claudia to organise the collection for the gift, and she will be coming round with a large brown envelope if you want to make a contribution - the amount you give is entirely your choice. The leaving party will be after work on 20 December, in the main conference room. Everyone is welcome, and we hope that as many people as possible will come to say goodbye to Mrs Rothe. I look forward to seeing you there.


In each gap there are two possible answers from A, B, C or D. Write both answers. The first one has been done for you.

A find attachment C find attached

B find enclosed D see attached

2 Here is my report. If there are any problems, me know.

A please let C please to let

B make D just let

3 This report has just arrived. I'm it to you. Hope it's not too late.

A moving C replying

B forwarding D sending

4 I'm sending various forms for you to complete. Please special attention to AF200.

A give C make

B pay D take

5 Please complete the attached forms, and return them to me 3 June.

A by C before

B until D to

6 As agreed, I'm sending the pre-meeting notes. Let me know if there's anything else we can do before we meet.

A from our part C on our side

B from this end D on this way

7 I'm attaching the Business Plan Review. Please that several alterations in dates have been made.

A look C note

B appoint D be aware

8 Please find attached my report if there are any problems with deadlines etc.

A Get back with me C Get back to me

B Get in touch D Make a touch

9 Please find attached my report

A Let me know what you think. C Let me have what you think.

B Let me have any comments. D Make me have any comments.

10 Here is the itinerary for Sri Lanka. Please that I have included everything you want in it.

A check C control

B agree D confirm

There is one mistake in each of these sentences. Correct it.

1 Here's the report - hope you like^

2 Attached are the two questionnaires - please return them me by 24 September.

3 I sending the report as an attachment.

4 I'm sorry you couldn't open the document - I have attach it again.

5 Hope you'll be capable to open the document this time!

6 Please check the attached document careful and let me know if you have any questions.

7 I be grateful if you could complete the attached form and return it asap.

8 Sorry, I forgot send the attachment!

9 I attach my report like promised.

10 Here's a copy of Leslie's report — what you think?

11 Thanks for sending me the report - I let you know what I think.

12 I'm returning your original document with my comments inserted with red.

Complete the emails by writing one word in each gap. There may be several possible answers.

Email 1

Please attached my report. <2> it's not too late. <3> me know if you have any questions.

Email 2

I'm (1) various forms for you to complete. Please pay special to the expenses claim form. I need them back ® 16 February at the latest.

Email 3

agreed, I'm sending the pre-meeting notes. Let me know if there's anything we can do from this(3).

before we meet.

Email 4

you can't open it.

to send the attachment!

to me if

Email 5

.. be grateful if you w complete the attached form and return it asap. Please that I have changed my email address.

Look at the words and phrases in italics. In each case two are natural but one is not. Cross out the word or phrase that is not natural. The symbolmeans no word.

1 What time would be convenient for/be convenient/suit you?

2 Are you free sometime/any time/one time next week?

3 Could we meet on/-/at Thursday during/on/in the afternoon? Perhaps on/-/at 3pm?

4 Yes, I think I shaE/should/would be able to make next Friday morning.

5 I'll email/return to/get back to you later today to confirm it.

6 I'm out of the office for/until/till 2pm on that day. Anytime after that could be/is/woulA be fine.

7 I'm afraid I'm busy/occupied/tied up all day next Tuesday.

8 Pardon me,/Sorry,/I'm afraid I can't make/control/manage it on that day.

9 Sorry, I've already got an arrangement/an appointment/a promise on that day.

10 What if/What about/How about Wednesday instead/in place of/as an alternative1

11 Would you mind/matter/object if we put the meeting back/off/away to the following week?

12 I am very sorry/regret again/apologise again for any inconvenience caused.

13 I look forward to see/seeing/speaking to you next week.

14 Give me a call/telephone/ring if you have any problems.

15 Give my regards/best wishes/compliments to Herr Schrempp.

Complete the sequence of emails by writing one word in each gap. Several answers may be possible.

Günter - we need to meet to discuss the budget for next year. Could we meet(1)


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