Shepards Formal And Informal

Match the beginnings and endings of the phrases below.

1 are we still okay a) finalise arrangements today.

4 I need to d) the agenda in the next few days.

5 let me know if you e) the following week?

6 something urgent f) want to make any changes.

Put the complete phrases from section C into the three emails below.

me this morning if possible as <2' Natalia.

Natalia, I'm sorry to ask this at such short notice, but <3>

? Perhaps Wednesday 24th? I do apologise, but <4>

I hope it won't inconvenience you too much.


? Please get back to

Okay, let's make it Wednesday 24th.


First, review some grammar for planning a trip, then complete the email from a secretary by putting the verbs in brackets into a form of will or the present continuous.

The will form (I'll do ...) and the present continuous (I'm doing ...) can both be used for talking about the future, but there is a small difference: • will is used for facts and general beliefs.

» present continuous is used for arrangements (with a time and a place).

As you know, you <1> 'fe goin§ (go) to Brussels on Wednesday. I've spoken to Mr Cuvier's secretary and the details of the trip are now more or less planned. You <2> (catch) the

8.00 flight from City Airport. Someone <3> (be) at the airport to take you to the hotel -

you <4> (stay) at the Marriot for just one night. At 11.00 you <5> (meet)

Mr Cuvier at his office. I'm sure he <6> (take) you out to lunch. After lunch you

<7> (not/do) anything until 4pm, so you <8' (have) time to go back to the hotel if you want. The travel agency <9> (send) the tickets here by courier this afternoon, so I (give) them to you as soon as they arrive.

Look at the phrases in italics in the three emails below. One phrase in each pair comes from a company with a formal culture, the other phrase comes from a company with an informal culture. Underline all the phrases from the formal company.

Email 1

(1>Dear Mary/Hi Mary

<2>/'m writing to invite you/We would be very pleased if you could come to a meeting here on 14 May. ®lt has been arranged/I've arranged it to bring together all our colleagues working in Central Europe wto/in order to share experiences about working in this market. ®Your attendance will be very welcome/lt'd be great to see you.

The meeting will last all day and will have an informal agenda - {s]you won't need to/it will not be necessary to write a report for it or make a presentation, wRefreshments will be provided/There'll be plenty to eat and drink during the day.

Wope to see you in May!/Your presence at the meeting will be very useful. Please let me know if you <%/// be able to attend/can make it, <10>asap/as soon as possible. Best regards, <11>Jo/?n Saunders/Stephanie

Email 2

<12'Thanks a lot for the invite/Thank you for your kind invitation. <13>/ would be delighted to attend/I'd love to come to the meeting. <14>/f sounds like a great idea/I am sure it will be very useful. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help from this end.

<15W/// it be okay/Would it be possible to bring Martina Rutka as well? She's a new member of our team and is very involved with the Central Europe market. <16>Thanks again/Thank you once more for your invitation, and <17'/ look forward to seeing you/see you on 14 May.

Email 3

<16' Thanks a lot for the invite/Thank you for your kind invitation. Unfortunately, I have another appointment on that day. <19'/'m very sorry that I will miss the meeting/Please accept my apologies. In any case, send my regards to everyone at the meeting, and please (20)/ef me have a copy of any report arising from the discussion/email me and let me know how it went.

I hope (2%e can meet up soon/we will have the opportunity to meet on another occasion in the near future. {22)Good luck with the meetingl/l am sure that the meeting will be a great success.

Complete the phrases by writing one word in each gap. Several answers may be possible.

1 We be very pleased if you come to a meeting here on 28 July.

2 Your at the meeting will be very I hope you can

3 Please me if you can attend, soon as possible.

4 Thank you for your invitation. I would be to attend. I look forward to you on the 28th.

5 I will not be able to come. I have another on that day. Please accept my

6 I hope we will have the to meet on another occasion in the future.

I am sure the meeting will be a great

L Put these sentences into the correct order.

a) Looking forward to meeting you next week.

b) Our office is located close to the station - the best thing to do is catch a taxi.

c) Just to confirm your visit to us on 16 Jan.

d) Best wishes, Atsuko.

e) When you arrive, ask for me at reception and I will come down and meet you.

f) If you need to contact me, my mobile number is 07968 243983.

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