Hi Angela, thanks for your email. 1 m,.D.. from you for ages! Was it really a year <2l that we <3>, at the

English Centre? Do you know, I've <4> forgotten the name of our teacher! Anyway, I'm pleased to hear that you're enjoying your job, and that your relationship with Carlos <6l______well.

Yes, 1 know it's been ages <7> 1 last emailed you too, but I've been really busy. <8) the last few months

<9> at a wine bar. 1 start work at six every evening, and <10> until midnight. I'm trying to save some money to go to Thailand, but I haven't got enough <11> I'm really enjoying it now, although at first it <12>

difficult. There are always so many people ordering things at the same time.

By the way, I <13> to Manuella on the phone the other day and she <14> you might come over here for a visit. Please do - you know you're always welcome to stay at our house.

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