That won'

_ be ch___.

Rewrite each sentence with the words in brackets to make them more polite and diplomatic.

1 Can we meet again next week? (wonder/could)

2 You've made a mistake on the invoice, (there/seems)

4 Shall I speak to Mr Baker? (would you like)

5 Your estimate for the cost is too low. (might/a bit)

6 We should wait, (wouldn't/better idea)

8 Let's cancel the project, (perhaps/should think about)

Read the situation. Then complete the words in each reply with the missing letters.

Somebody sends you an email: I've just had a great idea! We could have a team meeting every Monday morning at 8am to plan the week's work. You want to disagree:

1 It sou,hd.S like a good idea, but I'm not sure it would work in pra

2 I can see what you're sa , but wh a the traffic on Monday mornings?

3 Wo ' some people find that a li early?

4 To be ho , I'm not s that would be conv for everybody.

5 I know what you m , but I can see one or two problems with that.

6 It's a good idea, but d ' you think 9am wo be b r?

Look back at sentences (1-6) and find:

b) a normal question to show doubt

c) two negative questions to show doubt /

d) an introductory phrase to prepare the reader for disagreement

Make the emails below more polite or diplomatic by changing the words in italics. Use techniques from sections A-C.

Luisa, thanks for your email about the new brochure and the attached file with the quote from the printers. mit ¡s (2>very expensive. ^Isn't it a better idea to contact some other printing firms and get some alternative quotes? After all, <4>we have been very unhappy with the quality of their work on the last few jobs. What do you think?

Frank - sorry we didn't have a chance to talk yesterday. Actually, I have <5>a favour to ask. <6>/ wonder if you can have a word with Sandra in Human Resources about when the position of Sales Director is going to be advertised. (7)/f's delicate for me, as I'm sure you understand, because there is a chance <8>/ will be one of the candidates. Thanks.

Steven, thanks for sending the suggestions on how to price our new range of accessories. <9'/ don't agree with you. The prices you suggest (10)are <11'foo high for the market. Don't you think a lower price {n)will result in higher sales and therefore higher profits? Let me know what you think.

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