the most/1

(one syllable adjectives)

(ending in one short vowel + consonant)

expensive expensive (two/three/four syllable adjectives)

5 good/bad better/w the best/w (irregular adjectives)

6 far fur the fur (irregular adjective)

Useful phrases

7 A is more expensive t B.

8 A is a lot/m more expensive than B.

9 A is a bit/a !i more expensive than B.

10 A is o of our b selling models.

12 It's colder and colder/m and m difficult.

13 The be the quality, t m you pay.

14 It was the b meal I've e eaten.

15 A is cheap com to/in com with B.

16 A is (almost/twice/not) expensive B.

17 A is (exactly/almost/nearly/not) the s a B.

18 I don't have as m friends as in England.

20 Bill is (exactly/just/quite/not) li his brother.

Underline the correct words or phrases in the email.

Hi Yuko! I'm writing from an Internet café in the village of Dingle on the west coast of Ireland. I got a week's holiday from work so I came over here for a short break. I'm having a great time. It's so different compared ^for/to England - even {2)rainier/rainyer if you can believe it!

I flew to Dublin first, and I spent a couple of days there - not as ®much/many time as you really need because there's so much to see. The people are some of the ("'friendliest/friendlier I've ^never/ever met. I found the Irish accent quite difficult at first, but I'm getting <6>more and more/always more used to it. It's not cheap here - prices in Dublin were about the same f)than/as London, but here on the coast they're <®more expensive/expensiver.

I arrived here yesterday, and I can promise you, the west coast of Ireland is just (9)as/so beautiful as they say - it's so green. There's live music in the pubs at night, and the later it gets the ^more/most people come in. That's all for now - I'm off to hear some music! Write soon. Justine.

Language foe

Complete the email by writing one word in each gap.

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