Key phrases

A Choose a subject line for each email. One of the subject lines in the box is not used.

Action re contract Meeting 14/5 Re your advertisement Special Offer! Shipping confirmation Regarding your order

Email 1


Re your last email, we are in the process of arranging the meeting scheduled for 14 May, but there are still a few details I need from you. Do you want me to book hotel accommodation for you - or will you sort it out at your end? Also, can you send us something about the Barcelona project you were involved in last year? It would be helpful to have something to circulate before the meeting. Please send a copy of any relevant reports. Regards. Monica.

Email 2

Email 3


Luisa, I've emailed Michelle and Roberto about the changes to the contract. Shall I have a word with Michelle to make sure she understands what's going on? You work with Roberto - can you talk to him? Thanks for your help -1 appreciate it.

Email 4


Sorry for the delay in replying - I've been out of the country on business. Unfortunately, the items you ordered are not in stock, but we're expecting delivery by the end of the week. I'll get back to you as soon as they arrive. If you need any more information, please feel free to contact me.


Good news! Subscribers to our email newsletter can take advantage of fantastic price savings in our January sale. I've attached a pdf file that gives full details, or alternatively just click on the link below. You can order over the web or by email - our customer service staff are standing by. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Email 5


Just a short note to let you know that we received your order. We can confirm that the items were sent by mail today. To track your order, click on the link below. If there's anything else, just let us know. Best wishes. Pierre.


• Subject lines should be very short and very clear. They should tell the reader exactly what is coming in the body of the email.

• The word 'Re' appears in two of the subject lines. It is short for 'Regarding ...'.

Complete the table by matching an underlined phrase in section A with a similar phrase below.

Previous contact

With reference to your email sent (date), . Reason for email

We are writing to inform you that... Good news

You will be pleased to hear that ... We are able to confirm that...

Bad news/Apologising

I apologise for...

We regret to inform you that...


I'd be grateful if you could ... I would appreciate it if you could ...

Offering help

Promising action I will contact you again.


Please find attached ...

Final comments

Thank you for your help.

Do not hesitate to contact us again if you need any further information.


We are looking forward to ... Yours I Yours sincerely

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