Linking words and relative clauses

First, read the information about linking words and phrases. Then read through the email and underline 18 linking words/phrases in it, not including 'and', 'but' and 'or'.

Linking words and phrases join one idea to another. They help the reader to understand the structure of your argument. There are two types:

• Words in the middle of a sentence that join two clauses: and, but, because, so etc.

• Words/phrases at the beginning of a sentence: However, Therefore, In relation to etc. These are often followed by a comma.

Subject: Arrangements for sales conference

Marcia - many thanks for sending the details of the 165 participants coming to our sales conference in November. Here is my report on the arrangements that will be necessary. ~~

1 Accommodation

In previous years we have used the Belmont Hotel. In general, we have always had good feedback from delegates on the Belmont. However, it is quite far from the conference centre, and in addition they have increased their prices recently. As a result, I am going to get an alternative quote from the York Hotel this year.

2 Conference Centre

In relation to numbers, the hall seats 200 people, so there shouldn't be any problem. Nevertheless, if we get a lot of late bookings we may need1 a bigger hall. I will monitor the situation closely. Obviously, if people book after the deadline we may have to write back and say we are full.

On another point, we need to make sure that the amplification system is working properly, as last year several delegates complained that the sound was too low at the back of the hall.

3 Speakers

Both outside speakers are confirmed. In particular, the well-known author Sandra Brett has agreed to give a talk on 'Motivation', and I'm sure it will be very well received.

4 Food and drink

Last year this was a problem. Firstly, we had a lot of complaints about the food. Secondly, there was some confusion among delegates about whether they should stay in the conference centre for lunch or go outside. In fact, if delegates do want to go outside and get some fresh air it is not a problem. So this year I am going to get quotes from catering companies for two options, that is to say one for coffee breaks and snacks only, and the other for lunch as well. Alternatively, we could just use the café in the conference centre and not employ an outside firm, but I don't think that will create a good impression.

I think that's all. Let me know if there's anything else, especially if you suddenly get a lot of late bookings. Bruno -r

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