Negotiating a project

Underline the correct word.

1 Can/Shall you give me some information about ... ?

2 I will/would be grateful if you should/could give me some information about ...

3 Do you think you would/could send me more details?

4 We necessary to/need to discuss this before we go any further.

5 How do you think we should/shall deal with this?

6 I will/would appreciate your advice.

7 We would/should be prepared to give you a discount if you ...

8 That can/could be possible.

9 That shall/should be possible.

10 That might/would be possible -1 need to ask my line manager.

11 No problem - that might/would be possible.

12 I think we must to have/need to have a meeting to discuss this in more detail.

13 Let me know what time shouldjwould suit you best.

14 I'm sorry that we couldn't!wouldn't use your services this time.

Put the phrases (a-j) with their correct headings below.

a) Let's talk next week and see how things are going, b) I can see what you're saying, but...

c) Can you give me some more information about ... ?

d) What do you think is the best way forward?

e) I'm sorry that we couldn't use your services this time, but I hope there will be another opportunity.

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