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Email 2

Thank you for your email of 25 January where you requested assistance on how to order on-line. It is necessary for me to know your aIc number before I can deal with this. I would be grateful if you could also provide details of which version of Windows you are using.

Ema il 3

With reference to your order number J891 - we received it this morning, but you have not filled in the sections on size and colour. Please let us know your exact requirements. These products are selling very well at the moment, and we regret to advise you that the medium size is temporarily out of stock. However, we are expecting more supplies in the near future. Would you like me to email you when they arrive?

Match the words of Latin origin in box A with the shorter words in box B. Box A Box B

1 assistance

6 information

11 repair

2 due to

7 obtain/receive

12 request

3 enquire

8 occupation

13 requirements

4 further

9 possess

14 reserve

5 inform

10 provide

15 verify

a) ask

f) facts

k) help (n)

b) ask for

g) fix (v)

1) job

c) because of

h) get

m) more

d) book (v)

i) give

n) needs fn)

e) check/prove

j) have

o) tell

I.A. 2 3 4 5 6 "7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Note: longer words of Latin origin sound more formal, and shorter words sound more informal.


Read the information below. Then match the sentences (a—1) to their descriptions.

Missing out words is common in emails and informal speech. It happens where the people know each other very well and the situation is relaxed and friendly. The meaning is clear from the context so the full grammatical form is not necessary.

1 The subject T can be left out, especially with mental verbs like hope, think etc. /

2 In a question, the subject 'you' and the auxiliary can be left out. /

3 The subject 'I' and the auxiliary (be, have, will) can be left out. /,

4 The words 'That' or 'It' can be left out, often with a form of 'be' as well. / /

6 The word'the'can occasionally be left out.

Put the missing words back into the email below.

/Great evening, wasn't it! Really enjoyed the meal, and nice to see Mary and Roger again. Had a chance to speak to Lucy yet? Don't worry if you haven't, will be seeing her tomorrow.

About next week - film you suggested sounds great. Been talking to some colleagues at work about it. Not sure about the day, though. Tuesday might be difficult. Perhaps Wednesday better? Let me know. Going to my parents at weekend - looking forward to it. They live in Chichester. Ever been there? Sometime soon we need to talk about holiday plans for next summer. Things still a bit uncertain at work. Might be possible to take two weeks off in July, but can't be sure. Three weeks impossible. A pity. Anyway, got to go now. Hope you're well. See you next week.

e) (I am) looking forward to seeing you.

g) Just read (the) email about relocation.

h) Your suggestion (is) good, but needs clarification.

i) (Are you) coming with us on Friday? j) (I) hope you're well.

k) (It's a) pity we missed you yesterday.

1) Next week (would be) better than this week.

Match the abbreviations (1-4) with the meanings (a-d).

a) I am going to give an example.

b) I am going to explain what I mean using different words.

c) I am adding some information at the end that I forgot.

d) I want you to give special attention to this next point.

4 PS (postscript)

First, read the information about abbreviated forms. Then write out the emails in full.

In some emails you can find very abbreviated forms. The writer wants to write very quickly and the meaning is clear from the context. There are three techniques:

2 making a short form of a common word ('yr' = your)

3 writing the first letters of a well-known phrase ('asap' = as soon as possible).

Email 1

Subject: Yr order ref no KD654

In relation to yr order rec'd today, we cannot supply the qty's you need at this moment. Pis confirm asap if a part-delivery wd be acceptable, with the rest to follow L8R. Rgds, Stefan.

Subject: YaM..Mtd&Lie£&mnGe...mmb^L..KI)6.5.i

Email 2

Subject: Thx for yr msg

Re your msg left on my ans machine - yes, I'm free 4 lunch on Wed next wk. Btw, good news about yr interview. Hv 2 work now. CU, Jane.


Email 3

Subject: Options for Tech Help

We have a Tech Assistance section on our website, with an extensive list of FAQs. Customers find this v convnt as it is avail 24/7. Otoh, if you need to spk to sb in person, you can call during wkng hours. Bw, Alan.


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