Sales will definitely increase.

(1) r.M $.U,tß that sales will increase.

Sales definitely (2) increase.

I'm certain that sales won't increase.


(3) that sales will increase.

Sales (5) increase.

Sales (4) increase.

(6) that sales will increase.

Sales (9) increase.

Sales (8) increase.

Sales (10) increase.

Now match the verb groups 11-13 with the ends of the sentences a)-c). Be careful!

11 We expect/would like a) to increase sales next year.

12 We expect/would like/hope/intend/plan/want b) sales will increase next year.

13 We expect/think/hope/believe/imagine/predict/forecast c) sales to increase next year.

Note: we can usually use will or going to to make predictions and there is very little difference. However, if there is strong evidence in the present situation then going to is more common.

I think sales will probably increase next year. (it's my general belief) I think sales are going to increase next year. (I am looking at some figures right now)

Underline the correct words or phrases in the email.

Petra - thanks for your comments on the second quarter results. You asked me for my thoughts about the longer term, so here they are:

Sales are <1'possible/likely to end this year ^with/at about $34m. I think that profits <3>io increase/will increase at an even faster rate, due to our recent cost-cutting measures.

Next year the situation is a lot more ^uncertain/unlikely. This is because of the general economic climate in which we are operating. Inflation (%/// probably/probably will start to rise, and I think the Central Bank is planning <®>interest rates to raise/to raise interest rates as a result. That's bad news for us. Our debt repayments to the bank are ^likely/likely to go up ^considerably/considerable. Unemployment is also i9)to increase/increasing. Eventually this v°Wight be/might have an impact on consumer sentiment, although the rate of increase is quite slow and we <11>probably won't/won't probably be in such a bad situation as during the last recession.

We can discuss this tomorrow in more detail. I have to leave now -1 didn't bring my umbrella and it looks like <12>/f will/it's going to rain! Mark.

Review the language of cause and effect. Complete the sentences with a word from the box.

as because due from in of of therefore to to

1 Our new marketing campaign should lead / result

2 Next month we will start a new marketing campaign. So, / result, we should see a big increase in sales.

Effect Cause

3 The big increase in sales last month resulted / was a result / was because

/ was due our new marketing campaign.

4 We saw a big increase in sales last month of / to our new marketing campaign.

Note: 'We saw a big increase in sales last month because we had a new marketing campaign.' (NOT because of wc had ...)

Note: using so/such to express cause so + adjective (+ that): Our campaign was so successful (that) we ...

such + noun (+ that): Our campaign was such a success (that) we ...

such + adjective + noun (+ that): It was such a successful campaign (that) we ...

Underline the correct words or phrases in the email.
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