Bumper Snickershumor On The Move

Bumper stickers publicly indicate the way we feel about ourselves and mirror our contemporary lifestyle. They are for adults what T-shirt humor is for adolescents. They are more popular than buttons and more socially acceptable than painted graffiti.

Their form is very structured:

1. They must be short, rarely more than eight words. Honey lovers stick together.

2. They are usually a POW—play on words. Archaeologists do it with any old thing.

Old mailmen never die, they just lose their zip.

3. Paired words are encouraged.

To make America work, Americans worked.

4. They frequently refer to a local situation. I is a college student.

5. They are frequently nihilistic.

Get a taste of religion. Bite a preacher.

6. They include a lot of put-down humor or insults. Watch out for the nut behind me.

Pass with care. Driver chews tobacco.

They are marketed like greeting cards. There are published lists of printers who specialize in bumper stickers. The cost of getting into business, however, is so low that many print shops are local, small, undercapitalized, and slow to pay. Even though royalty fees are lower, it's better to work with the majors, who have national sales forces and marketing know-how.

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