Humor for Business

Besides speechwriting, humor material can be effectively used in business in the following areas:

1. Interviews, where it encourages both parties to relax. 2. Training sessions, which begin with humor references. 3. Sales meetings, because attention starts to wane after five minutes. 4. Bulletin board signs, which boost employee morale.

In order to continue to produce the highest quality work possible, all company executives will be trained in our new Special High Intensity Training (S.H.l.T.) program. We will be giving our executives and supervisors more S.H.l.T. than any other company in this area. If you feel, as an employee, that you would like to participate in this program, please ask your supervisor to place your name on his S.H.l.T. list.

—The Management

5. Interdepartmental memos, where humor gets them read first. 6. Compliment letters, which are saved and passed around. 7. Sales letters to long time customers, where it can help to deflate hostile criticism.

Humor is a powerful aid in building a team spirit.

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