Outrageous Humor Neednt be Obscene

Reforming words is an easy way to be shocking. It takes no great talent. The talent comes from suggesting hard-core humor, but never actually stating it.

A sexually frustrated young girl sat on Pinocchio's nose and said, "Now lie to me. Now tell me the truth. Now lie to me. Now tell me the truth." — Paul Krassner

Everytime I look at what I have to pay in taxes, it scares me shirtless. — Robert Orben

Gilda Radner, on Saturday Night Live, loved to use malaprops like "endangered feces." When Ron Nessen, a former presidential assistant, guest hosted the show, Alan Zeibel wrote a skit which reformed "presidential elections" to "presidential erections." That could have been a cheap laugh and probably wouldn't have been acceptable to NBC censors, but Zeibel finessed that by referring to buildings and monuments. The audience got the point immediately, and the laughter was even louder because the implicit joke made them feel more comfortable.

The Lone Ranger was about to be hung by outlaws. He was granted a last wish—a few hours to pray to the god of fire. He used the opportunity to send smoke signals to Tonto. They were just about to string the Lone Ranger up a tree when suddenly, over the hill, came Tonto with six beautiful, nude women. The Lone Ranger turned to one outlaw and said, "That dumb Indian never could learn to spell posse."

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