Seeing is Believing

TV is a visual medium, so what we see must be even more entertaining than what we hear. Otherwise, radio soap operas would still be popular. Characters must wear unusual clothing, flash signals with their face, hands, and body. Slapstick works only in visuals and there is nothing funnier than seeing the wall of a house fall on your victim, only to see him standing in a spot where a neatly cut-out window frame permits him to escape without a scratch.

It is not the mark of a poor writer to write in one particular style, but to be a good writer you must develop a unique style. You must learn from every comedian and every show. If you're writing for an existing show, that's the formula you must use. If you are conceiving your own show idea (about a ten thousand to one shot these days!) only then can you establish your own characters and style.

Said Selma Diamond, "You learn by doing it. I only learned by doing. I just kept writing and writing. I failed a lot. Then I found out, I was in great company."

"You're being fired, Wilson, because everytime I said, 'Stop me if you've heard this one,' you did!"


This Is a Wrap: The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Humor Construction

I think everybody is entitled to my opinion!

—Victor Borge

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