Taking a Brake

Films and plays lay groundwork for plot solutions with seemingly insignificant dialogue or clues sprinkled throughout the scenario. But jokes can't take an hour and a half (although some storytellers seem to take that long), so one-word clues are shuffled into anecdotes which, when combined with a reverse, prove to be the surprise detonator cap.

A worker on a construction site would wait until the end of the day and then walk out past the guards with a wheelbarrow filled with dirt. Management was positive he was stealing supplies, but every check of the wheelbarrow accounted for nothing but plain sand. After the job was completed, the foreman walked up to the construction worker, who had his last paycheck, and said, "Mike, I know you were stealing something. Tell me the truth, what were you takin'?" Mike said, "Wheelbarrows!"

Two Jews met on a Brooklyn street corner. "How are things?"

"I'm doing fine," said the second. "I now own that office building on the corner. Say, do ya wanna buy it?" "How much?" asked the first. "Seeing you're an old friend, ninety million dollars." "It's a deal. Lend me your pen. Here's your check. Goodbye."

A third man, overhearing the exchange, asked the buyer: "What was all that nonsense about? You know he doesn't own his own apartment let alone an office building. And he knows that you don't have millions of dollars. What do you get out of this?"

"Well, I'll tell you," said the buyer. "I got his pen."

—Jerusalem Post

Jack Hanna, director of the Columbus, Ohio zoo, was displaying a toucan to David Letterman on his NBC TV show. Letter-man was tossing grapes to the bird, "One, two, three," throw. The bird caught each one to the roaring approval of the audi ence. Suddenly, Letterman said to Hanna, "Jack, why don't you try one?" "Fine," said Hanna.

"Here we go," yelled Letterman, and he began tossing grapes into the air for Hanna to catch in his mouth.

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